Act 3.0
Preview by Al Giovetti
Price $200, $90 upgrade
Publisher: Symantec Corporation
Phone: 800-441-7234, 408-253-9600
Web site:
System requirements:

History: Act! for Windows version 2.0 has been one of the most feature rich and highly accepted contact manager products ever produced. When pressed, Symantec would say nothing about a new Windows 95 version of the software. In fact, for a time Symantec gave the impression they were abandoning the product. But now they have brought out the new version and it has all new features and continues with the ready-to-use interface.

New for this version is the dual window display, a new drag-and-drop contact forms designer, an optional columnar grid, internet email support, web site contact infomation, integration with Word or Word Perfect 6.x or higher, a log of field value changes,

Mobile User Synchronization (MUS) is now incorporated into the off the shelf product rather than an add on as seen in 2.0. MUS now has advanced field merging features with time and date stamped changes, and synchronization from both ends of the merging data. The synchronization will help lap top and mobile users to keep both copies of the software fully updated.

The nice features go beyond the normal Compuserve, cc:mail, Lotus Notes, and MS Mail, by including internet email. The drag and drop form editor will construct new or custom contact forms by dragging contact data fields from a list to the location within the data display that you wish to put it. No more complex codes.

Interface: The display is divided into two resizeable windows, the contact data sheet that all Act users are familiar with complete with name, address, phone and other data on the contact, and the dated notes for the contact.

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