Ace Ventura CD ROM
Preview by Al Giovetti, 09/14/96
Price: $40
Genre: animated graphic adventure
Release: August 1996
Developer: Morgan Creek,
Producer: James G. Robinson
Publisher: 7th Level
Website:, (AOL or Compuserve at "SEVENTH")
Requirements: Windows 95 and 3.1

History: 7th level is known for some really great games, including Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail, Monty Pythonís Complete Waste of Time, Take your Best Shot, Battle Beast, and Arcade America. Morgan Creek is known for over 80 movie theaters, music publishing, and a distribution company.

Plot: : Ace travels to 30 exotic locations, from spy camp to Alaskan Factory complex in Artic Tundra, around the world protecting animals, searching for clues, and eventually confronting the international crime-ring of animal exploiters. Ace meets more than 25 characters (a little sparse on the non player characters - Ed.) on the four cases he must solve. Ace has supporting characters that travel with him including high-tech hippie Woodstock, his hateful landlord Shkadance, and Aceís loyal sidekick Spike.

Each of the four mystery solutions takes Ace closer to the final showdown with anti-animal crime lord Fatteus Lardus.

Game play


Arcade action sequences: The obligatory arcade action sequences return to plague those players who would rather optionally avoid these situations.

Interface: intuitive with inventory management


Animation: Feature film quality animation rendered over hand-painted backgrounds in full-screen high resolution.

Voice actors:

Music score:

Sound effects:


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