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Preview By Al Giovetti
Genre: action flight shooter
Release: Winter 97
Developer: Centropolis and Bethesda
Programmer: Kaare Siesing
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Phone: 301-926-8300
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History: Centropolis are the creators of Stargate and Independence Day, two films that if you don’t know about them, you have been living in a hole for the last two years. These films have defined many of the new science fiction entertainment realms, or at least sold well at the box office or VHS format. Would you believe people actually know who they are?

Plot: The aliens are attacking and we are in "the Armageddon of interplanetary warfare games." Hmm, am not sure how to take that remark? 10th18.gif - 12.2 K

Combat: Like Independence day, the ambitious developers intend to have you flying in the largest furball of alien craft ever imagined for a computer game. All this hype, depends upon the development of Bethesda’s proprietary Xngine game engine. This create polygons on the fly based engine is what Bethesda has hitched its hopes for the future. Battles will be set in the depths of space, even within asteroid fields.

Cindy Yans, Hot town, Summer in Bethesda: Why it got to late to go to the nudie bar, Computer Games Strategy Plus, issue 70, September, 1996, pg. 20-22.