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Watch Movies on your Computer this Holiday Season

by Sandy Muller

San Jose, CA -- December 20, 1999 -- Are you fed up with the inconvenience and hassles of renting movies at the video stores? Unable to find the movie you want to rent? Are you paying outrageous late fees for overdue rental videotapes? Try your computer. Go to www.moviehead.com to watch your favorite movie right now. Best of all, you don't have to lift a finger because it's voice activated. Moviehead.com offers movies to Internet users on-demand on a pay-per-view basis, and with voice activation.

Forget the keyboard and mouse, or even your remote control. Simply point your browser to www.moviehead.com and tell your PC what topic of movie you're searching for. For instance, to see the movie "The Chinese Connection", all you would need to say is "Cinema. Martial Arts. Chinese Connection. 300k", and the movie is shown.

This technological wizardry is accomplished using software created by Conversational Computing Corporation (www.conversa.com). "The age of Interactive Television is here! Not only can people watch movies on-demand, but they can request the style of entertainment they want to see simply with their voice." said James T. Nguyen, President & Founder of Moviehead.com, Inc.

Randy Duke, Director of Corporate Sales at Conversa, said, "Conversa is very excited about our relationship with Moviehead.com. By allowing a user to search a large database of movies by simply speaking their preferences to their computer, Moviehead.com raises the on-line movie shopping experience to a whole new level."

Founded in April 1999 in the heart of Silicon Valley, Moviehead.com distributes and broadcasts domestic and international films, videos, music and games on the World Wide Web. Moviehead.com has a library of 2,000 films that range from domestic and international films, independent creations, television programming, short films, documentaries, educational/instructional videos and much more! Moviehead.com also accepts submissions of independent films and videos for possible viewing on its site.

Moviehead.com generates revenues from advertising and sponsorships, e-commerce movie merchandising, high speed Internet access, pay-per-view movies and events, and film distribution and royalties.

With over 100 million people currently using the Internet, and with that number increasing every year, Moviehead.com has designed its services to give consumers complete control over their entertainment options. Visitors to Moviehead.com will choose what they want to see - anytime, anywhere. Wrestling with programming a VCR to catch that movie on at 1 AM or fighting for possession of the remote control will be a thing of the past.

Moviehead.com broadcasts films and videos to the world using Internet media streaming technology. Films and videos are viewed on computer or television monitors on a pay-per-view basis. Moviehead.com works with Internet media players such as Microsoft's Windows Media Player that allows viewers to watch the movies via Internet. "We're excited that Moviehead.com is using Windows Media Technologies 4.0 to deliver on this vision with a cutting-edge experience for its customers," said Will Poole, general manager, Marketing and Business Development, Streaming Media Division at Microsoft Corporation.

Moviehead.com has already established strategic alliances with Microsoft, Conversa, Globix, with more on the way.

In addition, Moviehead.com enables consumers to create and broadcast, via the Internet, online slide shows and videos of personal, social, families and business events.

Whether traveling or in the need of a little escape from the real world in your own home, Moviehead.com provides the perfect entertainment environment. For more information and to get a sample screening of a movie, visit www.moviehead.com.












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