By Al Giovetti

Release:June, 1997

PublisherEidos Interactive

Tomb Raider has some Unfinished Business

Eidos has announced an add-on program for the smash hit, Tomb Raider critically-acclaimed action game, Tomb Raider. The new game is called Unfinished Business, and includes two new expert levels, a library of high-resolution Lara Croft art, and a special preview of Tomb Raider 2. This time, Lara goes after the last hatchery of Atlantean pods. The Atlanean pods were the alien beasts who menaced Laura in the final levels of the original game. This is just an add on of only two new levels. The levels are very large when compared to other games and may certainly be worth the money and time, especially for those who wish to see Laura once again. Eidos promisses the levels are the toughest yet, so get ready for a challenge before the sequel.