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ANACONDA presents the female lead in Undercover: beautiful Anne Taylor can also be seen in the attached artwork.

dtp/ANACONDA press release for July 18, 2006

ANACONDA presents the female lead in Undercover: beautiful Anne Taylor can also be seen in the attached artwork.

Undercover: Operation Wintersonne – Meet Anne Taylor

Hamburg, 18.07.2006 – While Dr. John Russell is the unlikely hero of Undercover: Operation Wintersun, the upcoming espionage tale from the adventure game experts at ANACONDA, his dangerous mission won’t see him face the Nazis all alone.

It’s 1943 and players take on the role of the British scientist, who is sent deep into the heart of Nazi Germany by MI6 to follow clues suggesting the Germans are constructing a devastating weapon of mass destruction.

One of his fellow agents is Anne Taylor: as attractive as she is daring, the young woman plays a big part in obtaining the explosive documents that put the British agency on the trail of the secret German weapons program. The highly talented agent is not one to do things by the book, so you’ll always find her in the most dangerous places.

John isn’t exactly happy that she always seems to lead him into trouble – but then he has a difficult time resisting her charms…

But Russell will have to be careful: can her really trust Anne or is she pursuing her own agenda?

Undercover takes players into the middle of the Second World War. Secretive research by the Nazis into a mysterious weapons project is at the center of its plot. Cleverly, the player is introduced to a horrific what-if scenario: the whole of humanity is at risk if the Nazi scientists are successful!

Even though the story of Undercover: Operation Wintersun is fictitious, it is grounded in historic facts, framed both by authentic details and actual events, as well as myths and speculation about the Third Reich. Intricately designed backgrounds, detailed 3D animation and many cinematic cutscenes create a frighteningly real atmosphere.

ANACONDA will release the adventure game Undercover: Operation Wintersun by the end of September. It is being developed by the Austrian developer Sproing.

www.undercover-game.com All the best!

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