By Al Giovetti


Question from Al Giovetti: Many people are curious as to what will happen to Twisted Metal 3, with all the internal turmoil of Single Trac, the original developer of Twisted Metal and Twisted Metal 2. We have brought Mr. Grimm the owner and author of the fan Twisted Metal 3 site in to comment on these things. Please welcome Mr. Grimm to the show. Mr. Grimm, what can you tell us about the future of the series and about Twisted Metal 3?

Answer from Mr. Grimm:What can I tell you? Well, truthfully, not much. Here's the deal: SingleTrac was the original developer of the Twisted Metal series. Their publisher was Sony. They later made a deal with Microsoft, which entitled Microsoft (which purchased a piece of the company) to publish their titles to PC. Soon after that, SingleTrac wanted to break away from Sony, and publish their games in house. But at the E3 convention, they shocked the audience by announcing that GT Interactive would become their new publisher. What does all of that mean?

Well, it means if there is a sequel to Twisted Metal 2: World Tour, then it's not SingleTrac that's gonna make it. Sony, as the original publisher holds all rights to Twisted Metal and Warhawk. Rumour has it that the company that developed Rally Cross for the Playstation, will be working on TM3. But that's just a rumour at this point. If it is true though, that means the 3D engine is gonna go under a total overhaul, probably something along the veins of Rally Cross' engine.

Sorry there isn't anything concrete right now, but if I hear any good news, I will post it to the site. However, I'm in the middle of school right now, so I'm doing that while revamping the site as well. Don't know how long that'll take.

Al Giovetti: Should you have more questions, fans can contact Mr.Grimm at his email address: mrgrimm@geocities.com.


From: SNICKER116 SNICKER116@aol.com
Greetings and salutations! Awesome Site you have on PSX codes. Definately has my vote! I've been playing TombRaider2 lately, but also alternating with a friend of mine in playing lots of TwistedMetal 2. I have a couple of questions. First of all are the rumors of TM-3 true? I could have sworn I read about it somewhere on the Web.

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