Tommy Tallarico Plays in The Electric Playground

News by Al Giovetti
Date: 08/20/96

The day after E3 ended we were there at Tommy Tallarico’s post-E3 house party filming for our television show. We filmed the people there in the beautiful surroundings, like an episode out of the "lives of the rich and famous." Tommy even gave me a short ride, to the edge of the driveway, in his white 25th anniversary Lamborghini Contache. What a beautiful car. We even had time to put down our cameras, drink in the beautiful San Juan Capistranto hills, and share a hamburger and hot dog from the grill.

We arrived before all the guests to get settled in with the cameras. We brought our Betacam SP cameras, our camera person from the Florida studios, John Snyder, the director pro tem, Salim Jones from our New York office, Sol Vidaver, our assistant producer pro tem, and myself, Al Giovetti, writer, co-host and producer of The Computer Show.

Before anyone else arrived we started to negotiate a deal with Tommy to use his house as our Los Angeles studios for filming when we were out there. Shortly after this deal was sealed with a handshake, the guests began to arrive.

Various journalistic luminaries from all over the world began to arrive at the party. Many of the journalists and industry figures we interviewed for The Computer Show. The guests included an ex-Atari developer, two french journalists, a whole group of Pancreation fighters who were part of Richard Alvarez’s private stable. Richard trains the American Pancreatic fighters in his gym, who accompanied Tommy to E3 as body guards.

Victor Lucas, President of Greedy Productions, the production house from Electric Playground, arrived a little later than most. Victor moved around the house and surveyed all the guests like a house on fire. Victor, always the consummate deal maker, talked with us about doing a joint venture with this company to help him get on the air. Victor also talked with Tommy about becoming the host of the Electric Playground television show that Victor had in mind.

Victor is one smart fellow. (I always call people smart, who have ideas similar to, or the same as, ideas that I have previously come up with. - Ed.) Victor’s concept for the Electric Playground television show was to interview those people who were behind the production of the game. Victor felt that these people were, and they are, the most exiting people in gaming. Victor wants to make the game producers, artists, writers, and testers the stars of his show, and give the game players a chance to get to know these creative, zany, and exciting people that are creating this industry from scratch. An industry that for the last two years has topped the film industry in gross sales figures.

Since talking with Victor, he has been one busy person. We spoke several times about our joint venture prior to Victor’s talks with the television stations. Victor has since convinced two television stations to run his show in Vancouver and Seattle. Tommy Tallarico even went to Vancouver to film the first show, which the EP boys have been editing their hearts out on. The Electric Playground is on the air, well not quite at this time, but it soon will be. So look for the show. I have not seen it, but it should be a good one.

Victor, we at the Computer Show wish you all the success in the world. Good luck in your new venture. Happiness and fortune await you.

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