By Al Giovetti


SouthPeak Inks Deal With The History Channel(R) to Develop Multimedia Edutainment Titles

SouthPeak Interactive today announced an agreement with The History Channel -- a national cable television network that telecasts historical documentaries, special movie presentations and mini-series -- to produce multimedia educational and edutainment software titles based on The History Channel's programming. Over the next five years, SouthPeak will have the exclusive right to develop a minimum of six multimedia titles based on historical subjects and programs appearing on The History Channel. "We have a commitment to developing quality multimedia titles with rich, compelling content that's both educational and entertaining," said Bill Marriott, Director of Edutainment Development for SouthPeak Interactive. "SouthPeak is pleased to be aligned with The History Channel, known for its commitment to integrity, intelligence and family entertainment." "Entering into this partnership with SouthPeak Interactive to extend The History Channel brand into a new medium is a tremendous opportunity," said Tom Heymann, Vice President, New Media, A&E Television Networks. "We look forward to working together to create a compelling line of interactive products that will appeal both to our viewers and to all history enthusiasts." Software titles will be marketed through SouthPeak's and The History Channel's distribution channels, while an enhanced educational version of each title containing lesson plans, interactive quizzes and suggestions on incorporating the material into the school curriculum will be offered to educators. SouthPeak and The History Channel are actively working to identify the first two projects, which SouthPeak plans to offer in early 1998. Affiliations may be made with content providers on the World Wide Web to supplement the content provided on the disks. The History Channel web site is at http://www.historychannel.com. Reach SouthPeak Interactive's web site at http://www.southpeak.com

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