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The Adventure Company Releases Trailer for THE SACRED RINGS

The Adventure Company Releases Trailer for THE SACRED RINGS

Take a glimpse into a strange, dark and unwelcoming world with this new trailer from The Adventure Company’s The Sacred Rings.

Playing the role of Umang, you wake up and find yourself alone with a series of rings clenched in your fist – the Sacred Rings that grant the holder unlimited power and immortality. Quickly you realize that a rival clan has tracked you down and that they want the Sacred Rings’ power for their own evil purposes.

The fate of the Sacred Rings and Mankind lies in your hands…

Prepare yourself for a journey like never before as you enjoy beautiful graphic exploration and original puzzles in this sequel to Aura: Fate of the Ages.

To download the newly released trailer please visit:

the sacred rings trailer

if the above link does not work by clicking on it please cut and paste it into your website browser


About DreamCatcher Inc.:
DreamCatcher Inc. is a leading worldwide publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment software. Established in 1996, the company markets its products under two popular labels: DreamCatcher Games, featuring the critically acclaimed, best-selling game Painkiller; and The Adventure Company, the number one brand for PC adventure game sales worldwide including award winning titles such as Syberia and Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None.

DreamCatcher products include titles for the PC as well as leading hardware platforms - the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, the PlayStation® Portable (PSP) system, the Xbox® video game and entertainment system, the Nintendo GameCube® and Game Boy® Advance.

DreamCatcher’s head office is located in Toronto, Canada. The company also services European, Middle Eastern and Australasian territories through its international office based in Paris, France.

Visit www.dreamcatchergames.com for more information.

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