Chris Roberts Leaves Origin

News by Al Giovetti
Date: 08/21/96

Chris Roberts, creator of best selling the Wing Commander series of games, has left Origin Systems after (How many years?) years of successful association with the company. After tracking Chris down, a company spokesman filled me in:

"Al: Right now, Chris's new company is tentatively titled Digital Anvil. The thrust of his produst line will be high-profile interactive movies (like the Commander series) as well as multi-player online/Web games for a variety of platforms, including the PC, PSX, and Mac.

He's not really making any product-specific announcements yet, nor is he doing much talking about his new venture while he serves the remainder of his contract with Electronic Arts. I'll make sure we keep you and your readers and television audience up to date as things progress."

There you have it. Right from the source. We will keep you posted.