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What is a software office suite?

  1. What is a software office suite?
    1. Various articles in this area have been published
      1. The Veg-O-Matic of PC Software by Serge Richardson http://zeppo.cnet.com/Co…/Hands/071595/novel.html
        1. No pun but this title is no more original than the others.
      2. Corel acquires former WordPerfect products from Novell by Rochelle Theophano http://www.datapro.com/corel.htm
        1. Corel is the last in a long line of owners for the WordPerfect office suite.
      3. Office Sweet! http://Imssys.imssys.com/~crawlaw/art17.htm
        1. Here we see one of the examples of a most sappy pun
      4. Office Suites Sweet Deal? Vail, Brown & Mella http://www.abanet.org/te…y/techshow/showcase.html
        1. Those puns are so hard to resist.
      5. Office suites gaining ground in small-office, home market by Michael Miley http://www.zdnet.com/macweek/mw_1004/sol_suites.html
        1. Even Macintosh owners are turning to suites.
      6. Office Suite Market Reaches Nearly $3 Billion in 1995 http://www.idcreasearch.com/sofsui.htm
        1. Nice information of the size of the market.
      7. The World’s Most Popular Office Suite http://www.neca.com/~bruce/features.html
        1. Talks about the market leadrs
      8. Windows 95 Suites by Lance N. Ulanoff http://www.pcmag.com/issues/1501/pcm00067.htm
        1. No puns here.
      9. Office Suites Scoreboard by Bruce McFarland, http://www.smartlink.net/…s/reprints/eyes9507.html
        1. No puns here, thank God.
      10. Software Office Suites by Alfred Giovetti, Freestate Accountant July, 1996
        1. Al just had to resist the puns, but refers to them in his first paragraph.
      11. Suite Renovations by Michael J. Miller, http://www.pcmag.com/issues/1411/pcm00053.htm
        1. Another bad pun.
      12. Office Suites Review by Sam W. Stearman, The NSPA Software News, August 1996
        1. At least Sam resisted the pun trap.
      13. Suite dreams, editors, PCWeek http://www.vnu.co.uk/vnu…k/5_12/features/tech.htm
        1. Original title <grin>?
      14. Three Suite Deals, Office suites sell for bargain basement prices, but whose bundle—Microsoft’s, Lotus’s, orBorland’s—gives the most bang for the dollar? By Bill Lawrence, http://www.byte.com/ART/9403/SEC7/ART1.htm
        1. Ahh the puns are thick in this field.
      15. How Suite It Is … Or Is It? By Tom McKay, http://www.craftsreport.com/officesuites.html
        1. Tom is less enthusiastic about suites than suite puns. Perhaps the suites left him with a cavity.
      16. How Suite It Is by Nelson King, St. Louis Computer User Vol 13, Iss 9, Feb 1996, http://www.stlcu.com/cu/feb96/office.html
        1. This title is shorter than the earlier one but the title pun plagiarism is more obvious.
      17. Office Suite Market Reaches Nearly $3 Billion in 1995 by IDC, www.idresearch.com/sofsui.htm
      18. James A. Martin, PC World’s 15th Annual World Class Awards, The Best Products of 1997, PC World, July, 1997, http://www.pcworld.com/workstyles/win95/articles/jul97/1507p122.html.
      19. Harry McCracken, Microsoft Office: What’s New for ’97, PC World, February, 1997, http://www.pcworld.com/software/software_suites/articles/feb97/1502p106.hrml.
      20. Editors, PC World, Upgrader’s Choice: Microsoft Office 97 Versus Lotus SmartSuite 97, December, 1996, http://www.pcworld.com/software/software_suites/articles/dec96/1412p054.html.
      21. Microsoft Office 97 Whitepaper, http://www.microsoft.com/office/office97/documents/intranet
    2. Other articles which I will not mention here have been just as tasteless with names such as
      1. Suites for the suites.
      2. Whisper suite nothings
      3. Sweet suites
      4. Think up your own corny, down-home, sappy suite article title and put it here.
  2. Books to teach yourself Suites
    1. Microsoft Office 97 for Dummies
    2. Teach Yourself Office 97
  3. There are three big manufacturers of suites for Windows 95
    1. Microsoft Office
      1. Most current version: Microsoft Office for Windows 95
    2. Corel WordPerfect Suite
      1. Most current version: Corel WordPerfect Suite 7 for Windows 95
    3. Lotus SmartSuite
      1. Most current version is Lotus SmartSuite 95 for Windows 95
  4. Other operating systems
    1. Macintosh
      1. Uses mostly Works but Suites are moving into that area.
      2. See Works Suites below
    2. Unix
      1. Unix applications can more easily be ported to Windows NT
      2. Applix
        1. Applixware may be the first serious 32-bit office suite.
        2. Applix is a United Kingdom Ccompany
  5. Just what the heck is an office suite anyway?
    1. Suites are composed of three basic programs
      1. Word processor:
        1. A word processing program makes writing letters, documents, outlines and other written documents easier with editing, formatting, graphics, and many other features.
      2. Spreadsheet:
        1. A spreadsheet is a computer based columnar pad of accounting paper.
        2. The spreadsheet is composed of cells which link together with formulas and functions to perform calculations or other processing of numeric data in an organized manner.
      3. Database
        1. A database collects, compiles and stores information in an organized and retrievable manner.
        2. An extra cost item on most suites.
        3. Included at no extra charge in the professional version of most suites.
    2. Other programs are added to suites to round them out
      1. Graphics or presentation package
        1. Often this package automates the production of slides, overheads and other presentations
        2. also make graphs and charts
      2. Communications
        1. A package that communicates with other computers over phone or null modem, internet, network or other connectivity means.
      3. Organizer
        1. Contact Manager
          1. Usually, a specialized package that automates the process or keeping in contact via mail, fax, or email with all those people you need to work with such as customers, associates, clients, vendors, and others.
          2. Often contains processes that duplicate word processors and databases. Interconnectivity at the highest level eliminates these problems
        2. Personal Information Manager (PIM)
          1. Like Sidekick, which comes with WordPerfect office a PIM organizes many things into a database that integrates with a phone dialer, communications software, word processor, and others.
  6. Take features with a grain of salt, especially new ones.
    1. Software that is highly competitive for big dollars of an even larger market share are being upgraded constantly.
      1. There is an immense amount of money at stake here
        1. over $3 billion in sales in 1995
        2. IDC predicts $4 billion sales in 1996
      2. Each new upgrade brings more and more new features in an attempt to outdo each other for market share
    2. These upgrades lead to new features that only the newest upgrades have.
    3. Look at how many upgrades come out.
      1. Look at the versions of the software
        1. Microsoft Office for Windows 95 is really version 5.0 of the software since it follows Microsoft Office 4.xx for windows 3.11
          1. The newest version is
        2. Lotus SmartSuite 95 for Windows 95 follows on the heels of Lotus SmartSuite 4.0 for Windows 3.1 and Lotus SmartSuite 2.0 for OS/2
        3. Corel WordPerfect Suite 7 follows Corel WordPerfect Suite 6.0 for Windows 3.1x
  7. Suite Advantages
    1. Price
      1. Suite prices average at $200 which gives a big bang for the buck.
    2. Many of the products contained in the suites, which form the cornerstone of the suite, are well known proven products
      1. Lotus 1-2-3
      2. WordPerfect
      3. Excel
      4. Microsoft Word
      5. Sidekick
    3. Work well together
      1. Interconnectivity
      2. share data and other features through a variety of means
    4. Work with similar commands
      1. learning to use and using is easier
    5. More features than you would ever use
    6. Encourage you to learn how to use the other software
  8. Suite Disadvantages
    1. They don’t work together seamlessly
    2. More features than you would ever use.
      1. Perhaps you could buy a smaller program to do what you need at a cheaper price.
        1. Works: There are many small works programs that are combination spreadsheets, word processors, and database programs all wrapped into one low cost product.
          1. Interconnectivity is not an issue in a works based program since all the features are contained in one program.
          2. more later
        2. Perhaps all you need is one program like a spreadsheet or a word processor and alone these programs are cheaper than the bundle which has features you will never use
    3. Memory hogs
      1. Most suites take up volumes of hard disk drive space and system resources, such as RAM.
      2. Purchasing and using only what you need could save you costly hardware options.
    4. Updates are more expensive and come almost yearly now.
    5. Some products are owned by stabile, profitable companies while others have been floating around in search of a good home.
      1. The WordPerfect oddessy of WordPerfect which had four company homes in a little over two years.
        1. Corel acquired WordPerfect on January 31, 1996 from Novell
          1. Novell found out of its depth in applications software support, and was unable to compete.
          2. Novell enjoys the largest market share in networks, but found it difficult to fight to gain market share and support its Suite.
          3. $190 million deal: $10.75 million cash, 9.95 million shares of Corel common stock, and $70 million in minimum royalties over the next five years
        2. Novell acquired WordPerfect in June of 1994 from Borland
          1. $885 million purchase
        3. Borland acquired WordPerfect from WordPerfect in 1993.
          1. This followed on the structured deal to bundle WordPerfect with Quattro Pro and Paradox in response to Microsoft’s suite strategy of offering Word and Excel as a bundle.
        4. WordPerfect started in the early 1980’s with a product that everyone liked because they listened to their clients and implemented features that they wanted and used.
        5. Will Word Perfect Survive?
          1. If their internet site is any indication Corel intends to fight back to the top.
    6. While the flagship products may be excellent, the other products in the Suite may not be the favorite programs for the average user.
      1. For example, I like Microsoft Word, Lotus 1-2-3, none of the databases, and Act! contact manager.
        1. These items do not come together in a suite.
        2. Some of these do not come in a suite, so I must buy them separately.
      2. Think of the 80/20 rule.
        1. If you spend 80 percent of your time in a particular application, buy the suite that goes with it, regardless of which suite it is.
      3. The converse is that even if you use another particular application all the time
        1. You may like the features of a competing suite enough to buy it in spite of your use of the other one.
    7. The buying decision is now somewhat easier
      1. All the needed components for running an office are in one box
        1. They may not be what you want
        2. But they are all together in one place
  9. Industry Standards
    1. Word Processor
      1. Corel WordPerfect is the pack leader
      2. 53% of shipped stand alone word processors in 1995
    2. Spreadsheet
      1. Lotus 1-2-3 has the largest market share
    3. Database
      1. dBase 3+
    4. Presentation
      1. Harvard Graphics
        1. http://www.harvardgraphics.com
    5. Connectivity
      1. Delrina communications suite
        1. http://www.delrina.com
    6. Contact Manager
      1. Symantec’s Act!
        1. http://www.symantec.com
      2. Telemagic
        1. http://www.telemagic.com
    7. Personal Organizer
      1. Sidekick
    8. If the program is not the industry standard, then why buy an also ran?
    9. If the other programs work with your favorite program, buying a suite could be a win-win situation.
  10. Why not just give them the Works
    1. Works programs are cheap and do not take up much disk space or use a lot of RAM
    2. Works programs combine word processing, spreadsheet, database, communications, and other applications in one package
    3. What makes Works different from Suites?
      1. They are cheaper
      2. They have different features
      3. They are streamlined versions of the bloated Office Suites
    4. Corel’s PerfectWorks
      1. No longer being actively developed or marketed
      2. Price $99
      3. includes grammar checker, spell checker, and thesaurus
      4. scaled-down version of Quicken, the popular personal finance package
      5. requires a 486 processor, 8 MB of RAM, 22 MB of hard disk space (7 MB minimum install)
      6. toolbar icons that look and work like those in Perfect Office Suite
      7. bubble help - little yellow descriptions of the icons that pop-up when you leave the cursor positioned over them for a few seconds.
      8. QuickCorrect automatically corrects spelling errors as you type.
      9. The communications module is a poorly executed and implemented bulletin board communications tool
        1. simplifies downloading and uploading files
        2. prints screens
        3. configures the modem
        4. phone book for storing numbers
      10. Word count, mail merge, and drag and drop editing
      11. creates 2D and 3D charts with numerous styles
      12. Database handles 30,000 records
      13. Draw and Paint module recognizes major graphics formats
    5. Microsoft Works version 4.0 for Windows 95
      1. Price $54.95
        1. competitive upgrade coupon gives an additional $10 off
        2. Works and Bookshelf 95 for Windows 95 sells for $79.95
      2. 32-bit application designed for Windows 95
      3. The Task Launcher has over 40 Task Wizards which complete over 70 common business, home, and education tasks
        1. create custom letterhead
        2. create address book
        3. create form letter
        4. send a purchase order or invoice
      4. Context-sensitive, procedural instructions
        1. step-by-step help
        2. Show Me movies
        3. Introduction to Works
      5. Word processing
        1. Font Viewer demonstrates how document will look with available fonts
        2. Easy formats automatically suggests a format similar to Microsoft Word auto format
        3. Easy Text saves common phrases and paragraphs to reprint when needed
        4. bullet styles, borders, colors, shading, and shadows
      6. Spreadsheet
        1. Easy Calc helps you use formulas
        2. Equation Editor adds mathematical formulas to documents, and edits formulas directly in the cell
        3. copies with drag and drop
        4. charts in 2D and 3D
      7. Database
        1. Design View is used to create and edit the database and add graphics
        2. Data View provides one screen for data entry
        3. List View is a spreadsheet like grid of information
        4. Works filters sort the information
        5. Report Creator easily creates reports from data
        6. Envelope and Label Creator
      8. Works Forum on the Microsoft Network
        1. resources to enhance Works
        2. requires monthly fee in addition to Works cost
      9. Access Encarta or Bookshelf from within a document
        1. Encarta is Microsoft’s multimedia encyclopedia
        2. Bookshelf is Microsoft’s collection of eight useful reference books
      10. Address Book
    6. Claris Works 4
      1. Claris Corporation in Santa Clara, CA
      2. Mostly a Macintosh application
    7. Great Works
      1. Symantec Corporation of Cupertino, California
      2. no longer being actively marketed or developed
  11. Lotus SmartSuite 96
    1. Lotus has spent a lot of time and money promoting Lotus Notes
      1. Lotus notes suite is expected which combines Lotus Notes with the SmartSuite products.
      2. Notes is a very special relational database that controls the way you contact and deal with people in a work environment
      3. Unfortunately we do not have the time to go into all the aspects of Notes.
    2. Lotus has a unique concept
      1. Team Computing is working together with others to get the job done on the computer
      2. Team Mail
        1. allows users to send an entire file or selected pages from a file via E-mail.
        2. Routing allows users to view, edit or comment on a document , one at a time, so that each user on the route receives the document with all the edits and comments of the previous team members.
      3. Team Review
        1. streamlines the manual task of reviewing and editing files, .
        2. simple and accessible mark-up tools allow reviewers to make edits or suggestions electronically, and authors to easily and optionally incorporate them.
      4. Team Consolidate
        1. enables users to combine edits made by multiple people into one separate file.
      5. Team Show
        1. a cost-effective presentation delivery and collaboration tool
        2. allows users to lead a remote audience through a presentation screen show
        3. cuts down on travel time and expense
          1. not as nice as video conferencing
      6. Team Security
        1. helps users maintain a database security with ease and flexibility by enabling them to provide customized access privileges for individual team members or entire groups
    3. Key Features and Benefits
      1. Includes five full-powered, top-rated applications: spreadsheet, word processor, database, presentation graphics and personal/group scheduling software.
        1. 1-2-3 spreadsheet
        2. Word Pro word processor (formerly Ami Pro)
        3. Approach database
        4. Freelance graphics presentation
        5. Organizer communications and email
      2. Tight integration enables you to complete cross-application tasks quickly and easily
      3. Features such as TeamReview, TeamConsolidate, TeamMail, help groups of people work together more effectively.
      4. Lotus SmartCenter, your SmartSuite command center, helps you store, organize and access your applications, files, e-mail, documentation, help services and more.
      5. SmartSuite takes full advantage of Windows 95 and has all of the productivity tools to get the job done.
    4. Productivity Tools
      1. Smart Masters, a series of easy-to-use, pre-designed templates that give you a head start on all kings of everyday business tasks.
      2. Team features enhance collaboration with collegues
      3. Can be used with Lotus Notes
        1. Expensive
        2. One of the most effective and best workgroup, relational database, and contact manager for any size organization.
    5. What does it do?
      1. Prepare a slide presentation for a prospect
      2. send a proposal to a customer
      3. send a mailing to a new business list
      4. schedule a staff meeting
      5. check sales figures for consistency with projections.
    6. Lotus Smart Center
      1. Launches and switches applications
      2. create, name, and access Lotus new drawers
      3. Store applications, documents and files, schedules and addresses, Lotus Notes databases, Email and internet shortcuts
      4. Suite Answers:
        1. cross-application help services
      5. Smart Masters
        1. pre-designed templates that help automate everyday tasks.
      6. Lotus Assistants
        1. Step-by-step guides that automate a variety of procedures
      7. InfoBox
        1. Choose fonts, colors and other attributes fast
      8. StreetCam
        1. Screen recording software that creates and shares audio/visual communications and training tools
    7. Internet features and integration
      1. Access, share and publish work across the Internet
      2. Expands teams to virtually anyone
      3. Access to the Lotus’ support site on the Web
        1. uses any web browser
      4. Shred
    8. Lotus 1-2-3
      1. One step charting
        1. create charts with titles, labels, and legends
        2. color coded geographical maps
      2. Range Routing
        1. see above
      3. Version Manager
        1. tracks worksheet changes automatically
        2. save multiple sets of the same or various data in one file
      4. Use 1-2-3 on web data
    9. Word Pro 96
      1. formerly called Ami Pro
      2. open the Internet and access the information you need
        1. puts information in your document as if you typed it
      3. Works with Lotus 1-2-3 to compare, analyze, crunch, chart, backsolve and creat scenarios with data.
      4. review and consolidate edits in one file
      5. automatically corrects common typing mistakes
      6. import documents from other word processors
        1. WordPerfect
        2. does not lose formatting
      7. new quick navigation tools
      8. live internet web browsing and file imports
      9. open and save files from FTP servers
      10. automatic WebCrawler searching on highlighted text
      11. supports HTML
        1. HTML Smart Master
        2. save documents to an FTP server to publish them on the internet
        3. converts graphics and tables to web format
        4. edit internet documents just like any other document
      12. makes web publishing easier
        1. design HTML documents in full WYSIWYG environment
      13. many feel this is not as good as industry standard HotDog Pro.
    10. Freelance Graphics 96
      1. generate new ideas
      2. consolidate input from co-workers
      3. SmartMasters
        1. expert advice on structure and flow for 30 common business documents
        2. launch documents
          1. plans
          2. sales proposals
      4. publish presentations on the internet in web format
      5. page through presentation on the internet using any web browser
      6. net surfers can view any internet published presentations with or without freelance
      7. Table of Contents Browser
        1. go directly to the presentation you are interested in by selecting it from the table
      8. Team Computing tools
        1. TeamReview
          1. collaborate with co-workers for best finished product
      9. Mobile Screen Show player
        1. free download on Lotus site
        2. download and run any Freelance presentation
        3. SmartDiagramming
    11. Lotus Approach 96
      1. indexed database of top 501 business Web sites in approach format
        1. search web on any criteria
        2. store favorite web links
        3. uses netscape
        4. can access right from within Lotus Approach
      2. create reports, forms, mailings and analyses
      3. PowerClick reporting
        1. WYSIWYG: see how your report will print as you create it
        2. Sort, group or calculate data by clicking on SmartIcons
      4. Exclusive X10 technology speeds up processes
      5. Join up to 50 database tables on one or more fields
      6. SQL Assistant
        1. identify SQL tables, rows and columns you wish to acccess in guided fashion
      7. Lotus Script programmability
      8. enhances support for OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) 2.0 (including OCX’s)
        1. extend users’ ability to create integrated, cross-product solutions
      9. OLE (Object Linking and Embedding)
        1. allows suite programs to exchange information automatically
        2. items changed in one document automatically change in another
    12. America Online Global Network Navigator
      1. included at no charge with SmartSuite 96 for Windows 95.
    13. Lotus Organizer
      1. get organized
      2. stay organized
        1. integrates
          1. calendar
          2. to do list
          3. planner
          4. address book
          5. call manager
          6. notepad
          7. anniversary reminder
      3. schedule meetings fast
        1. Notes
        2. cc:Mail
        3. single LAN user
      4. on the road
        1. merge laptop file updates with files on the office LAN
    14. Fully Compatible with Windows 95
      1. multitasking
      2. long file names
      3. drag and drop
      4. advanced OLE 2 support
      5. OLE (Object Linking and Embedding)
        1. allows suite programs to exchange information automatically
        2. items changed in one document automatically change in another
      6. true 32-bit application
    15. Address
      1. Lotus Development Corporation, 55 Cambridge Parkway, Cambridge, MA 02142
      2. order line: 1-800-343-5414
    16. Price
      1. Street price $399
      2. Upgrade price $199
        1. owners of any other suite or major product within a suite.
    17. System Requirements
      1. Windows 95
      2. Windows compatible video adapter
      3. 8 MB RAM
        1. 12 MB RAM recommended
      4. 57 MB hard disk space
        1. optional features require more RAM
    18. Support plans are available
  12. Microsoft Office 97
      1. New title is Microsoft Office 97. Old product title was Microsoft Office for Windows 95. Windows 97 is delayed, hence the new name syntax.
    1. Price
      1. Standard Edition
        1. $499 first time,
        2. $209 down from $245 competitive upgrade,
        3. $209 Microsoft upgrade, with $40 rebate
      2. Professional Edition
        1. $599 first time
        2. $349 competitive upgrade
        3. $309 Microsoft upgrade, with $40 rebate
      3. Small Business Edition – new
        1. $499 first time
        2. $209 competitive upgrade
        3. new item, therefore no Microsoft upgrade, with $40 rebate.
      4. Developer Edition – new
        1. $799 full version
        2. $499 Competitive upgrade
        3. new item, therefore no Microsoft upgrade.
      5. Word 97, Excel 97, PowerPoint 97, or Access 97
        1. $339 first time
        2. $109 competitive and Microsoft upgrade
        3. $85 competitive upgrade for Word 97
      6. Schedule 97 and or Outlook 97
        1. $99.95 first time
        2. $79.95 competitive or Microsoft upgrade
        3. not available
      7. Project 97
        1. $469 first time
        2. $149 competitive upgrade
        3. $79 Microsoft upgrade
    2. Address
      1. Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 980526399 USA
      2. http://www.microsoft.com
    3. Components
      1. Microsoft Office, the Standard Edition
        1. Microsoft Word (word processor)
        2. Microsoft Excel (spreadsheet)
        3. Microsoft Power Point (presentation graphics)
        4. Microsoft Mail (site license)
        5. Office Assistant (help and automation feature) -new
        6. Outlook (personal information manager) - new
        7. OfficeArt (drawing tools) – new
        8. Internet Explorer – new
        9. Camcorder - new
      2. Microsoft Office, the Professional version
        1. all the items in the Standard Edition
        2. Microsoft Access 97
        3. IntelliMouse pointing device
        4. Bookshelf CD-ROM
      3. Microsoft Office, the Small Business Edition
        1. All the items in the Standard Edition except PowerPoint and Camcorder
        2. Publisher 97
        3. AutoMap Streets Plus
        4. Small Business Financial Manager for Excel
      4. Microsoft Office, Developer Edition
        1. All the items in the Professional Edition
        2. Developers’ tools
        3. ActiveX controls
        4. Code samples
        5. Programming documentation
    4. Before you get started be warned of potential problems with Microsoft Office 97.
      1. Two major bugs are known one is in the file formatting and the other is in the new Microsoft Outlook.
      2. Recently I reported on a two month hiatus in my Microsoft Network (MSN) account where I could not get my mail.
        1. As of this time the email bug in Office 97 is not fixed
        2. a major Office 97 bug fix is expected soon according to Microsoft sources
        3. who knows what Microsoft will do in the current bug fix, since all we have now is unconfirmed rumors
      3. The file formatting bug was corrected by Microsoft in several patches recently
        1. Monica Young, Microsoft Offers Fix, Computer Reseller News, June 9, 1997, http://www.crn.com, pg 127 and 132.
        2. Richard Fade, Microsoft’s vice president of the desktop applications group, in a letter stated, "clear feedback from our customers, that the file format changes introduced with Office 97 make it unacceptably difficult to share documents with users of previous versions."
    5. Summary of "new and improved" features for Microsoft Office 97
      1. "Usability and Integration" features
        1. New – Office Assistant
          1. Office Assistant is new animated help feature for Office 97.
          2. Cartoon characters monitor what you are doing, offer tips and instructions, and mug shamelessly attempting to get your attention.
            1. Many are enthusiastic about the animated assistants while others find themselves repulsed and sickened by it. I was annoyed at the repeated interruptions and eventually had to turn the animated help feature off .
            2. In all there are nine animated characters who serve to represent the help function.
              1. Office Logo
              2. The Dot – 7 up beware
              3. The Genius –resembles Einstein
              4. Scribble the Kat
              5. Hoverbot antigravity robot to appeal to the science fiction set.
              6. Will, as in Will Shakespeare writing assistant.
              7. Mother Nature in the form of the spinning globe.
              8. Power Pup – a little super dog-like character
              9. Clip-It paper clip help feature that suggests wizards to use.
          3. New single source for online help
          4. Ask questions in your own words
          5. Interactive response to questions
        2. IntelliSense Everywhere – improved
          1. Automates routine tasks
          2. Simplify complex tasks
        3. Command Bars – new
          1. Menus and toolbars are combined into one bar system at the top of the page.
          2. Menus "tear off" when not needed.
          3. Customizable features
        4. IntelliMouse- new
          1. Mouse that simplifies on-screen navigation within the office suite and on the Internet.
          2. The IntelliMouse has a wheel between the left and right mouse buttons.
          3. When the wheel is moved with the index finger lets you quickly scroll through information on the screen in both Office 97 and when on the internet with Explorer and Netscape Navigator.
          4. The mouse can zoom in and out by holding down the control key on the keyboard as you roll the wheel.
          5. The wheel is an alternative to using the scroll bar on the right side of the screen.
          6. The IntelliMouse is included with the Professional upgrade.
        5. Shared Code
          1. Over 50 percent of the code is shared among the components.
          2. Why is the program so large then
        6. Outlook - new
          1. Desktop information manager helps organize information and communicate
          2. personal information manager or PIM is the correct jargon for the product
          3. This is the bugged product which is the "expected" subject of the next major Office 97 bug fix.
          4. Outlook is basically an expansion of the old Office 95 Schedule+ personal information manager.
          5. The new module now offers
            1. built-in e-mail (hence the email bug)
            2. collaborative features
            3. greater integration with other Office 97 applications.
        7. OfficeArt – new
          1. A powerful set of drawing tools designed to help users create graphics
          2. Works in all Microsoft Office documents.
        8. Office Binder - improved
          1. Allows for the combination of different office documents into one master file.
          2. This product now shares headers and footers across documents of different origins and treats the entire document as a single file.
        9. Integration with Internet Explorer - new
          1. Since the time of the Microsoft Office Suite for Windows 95, the Internet has become an important aspect of everyday life. Explorer was developed to deal with this new world of opportunities and challenges.
          2. Users of Internet Explorer version 3.0 will be able to brows Microsoft Office 97 documents
      2. "Communication and Collaboration" enhancements
        1. FindFast Web Query - new
          1. Full-text searching of office and HTML documents
          2. Works on local computer and local area network.
        2. Hyperlinks - new
          1. Allows users to connect Office documents with hyperlinks to other Office documents or sites on the Internet.
        3. Web Toolbar - new
          1. Microsoft Office 97 applications now have a standard web browser toolbar allowing the navigation of hyperlinked documents.
        4. Save as HTML -new
          1. Other features include the ability to save as HTML (Hyper-Text Mark-up Language) which is used as the language of the Internet to create and save Internet page documents to the World Wide Web.
        5. Office Viewers - improved
          1. The Office Viewers program is free for everyone, not just purchasers of Microsoft Office 97.
          2. The Office Viewers program is available online at http://microsoft.com/msoffice/
          3. The program lets anyone view or print documents created in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access whether or not they have a Microsoft Office 97 product
        6. Shared Files - new
          1. Multiple users can now collaboratively work on Microsoft Excel files at the same time.
          2. Unlike Lotus Notes and other Lotus products that all allow collaborative team work group sharing.
          3. You need the recent patch to use the shared files features with previous users of Microsoft Office Suite for Windows 95.
        7. Camcorder – new
          1. Like the Lotus’ SmartSuite ScreenCam, The Camcorder is a handy new animated screen capture utility that works throughout the Office 97 application suite.
      3. "Custom Business Solutions"
        1. Visual Basic for Applications – improved
          1. The support was extended from outlook to all Microsoft Office 97 products.
          2. Currently, pre- Microsoft Office 97, Outlook only supports Visual Basic Scripting Edition.
        2. Visual Basic Development Environment – new
          1. New integrated development environment
          2. Improved code editor
          3. Project explorer
          4. Hierarchical object browser
          5. Multi-plane debugger
          6. Property sheet
          7. Statement builder
        3. Microsoft Forms - new
          1. Programmers can now create custom dialog boxes that support "rich event handling" and ActiveX controls.
        4. Object Models – new and improved
          1. Supported in all Microsoft Office 97 Applications
          2. Support full, consistent "object models"
        5. Developer Edition –new
          1. Professional tools for solution development.
      4. "Extended Value" features
        1. Office Family – improved
          1. Other, extra cost products work better with Microsoft Office 97 core products.
        2. Office Compatible – improved
          1. Over 400 ISVs provide software to support and work with Microsoft Office.
        3. Free Online Extras – new
          1. Free content and information specially prepared for Office 97 users can be found online at http://www.microsoft.com/msoffice/
        4. Software Management Tools – new
          1. Office Upgrade Wizard, one of the new software management tools
          2. System Policy Template
          3. Network Installation Wizard
        5. Third Party Support – improved
          1. Microsoft partnerships with
            1. Publishers
            2. Solution providers
            3. Training services
          2. Provide support for deat
    6. Microsoft Office Manager (MOM) toolbar
      1. fully customizable
      2. launch or switch to any program in Microsoft Office from any application at all - not just Office applications
      3. online help or cue cards available from the bar
    7. IntelliSense technology automates things
      1. The new and improved version is featured in Windows Office 97.
        1. IntelliSense is now found everywhere in Microsoft Office 97 - new.
      2. The Answer Wizard
        1. provides help when you type in a question in your own words
        2. gathers information and explains or demonstrates how to do the job
      3. Auto Correct:
        1. Misspellings and typos correct as you type
      4. Auto Filter
        1. Quickly filter a list for facts
        2. Find 10 biggest accounts, orders, or any other item
      5. Meeting Wizard:
        1. part of Schedule+
        2. suggests an available time
        3. prepares a pre-addressed meeting request
      6. Auto Clip Art
        1. Part of Power Point
        2. suggests clip art images to help illustrate your point
    8. Office Links tools
      1. Office Binder
        1. joins files and file types into a project file with overall pagination on one pass printing
      2. Shortcut bar
        1. go directly to the files you use the most by clicking this bar
      3. Mail Merge
        1. part of Schedule+
        2. reads names and addresses from Schedule+ to prepare mass mailings and form letters
      4. Find Fast and File New
        1. locate files quickly
        2. preview files
        3. browse ready-made custom templates
    9. Works with Windows 95
      1. 32-bit programs for all applications
      2. preemptive multitasking
      3. Long filenames
        1. filenames up to 250 characters
      4. Plug and Play (PNP)
        1. install or remove PNP components on the fly including dockable laptop computers
      5. Fewer interruptions
        1. better system resource management
      6. Easy access
        1. create, open, and view files and documents from the Windows 95 desktop
      7. Prints faster
        1. Multithreading speeds up printing
      8. Many functions now 50% faster
        1. Power Point slide sorting
        2. Microsoft Access queries
        3. Excel recalculation and Pivot Table dynamic views
        4. Word repagination
    10. Easy Upgrading
      1. Use existing files from Lotus 1-2-3 and WordPerfect
        1. Microsoft is taking aim on the industry leaders in these areas.
      2. Special help
        1. specifically helps Lotus 1-2-3 and WordPerfect users use Word and Excel and learn the new programs
    11. Shared features
      1. Enhanced auto correct
        1. Excel, Word, Access, Power Point and Project
          1. Project available separately at extra cost
        2. fixes common typos as you type
        3. fixes inadvertent caps lock activation
          1. this one is nice
          2. I always hit the caps lock instead of the tab
      2. Answer Wizard
        1. works in any Office program
        2. type in a question in your own words
      3. Tip Wizard Assistant
        1. Excel and Word
        2. as you type they sense what you are trying to achieve
        3. suggest faster means to accomplish the task
      4. Spell-It
        1. Word
        2. identifies misspellings with wavy red underline
        3. right mouse click on underlined word will provide pop up menu
          1. suggested correctly spelled replacements
          2. provides context sensitive functions to add to dictionary, ignore all, etc.
      5. Multilevel Undo
        1. Word and Power Point
        2. up to 99 changes
      6. Support for the New IntelliMouse
        1. IntelliMouse has a new clickable wheel between the two buttons of the older Microsoft Mouse version 2.0
      7. Shared Code
        1. Over 50% of the code is shared across the Microsoft Office applications.
    12. Microsoft Word 97 (word processor, version 7.0)
      1. The best of the first Windows word processors has a lot to live up to.
      2. New automated features much better than Word 95
      3. Web tools
        1. Set up links between documents and web pages.
        2. Lets you have an Internet-like environment on the desktop or within the company network or Intranet.
      4. Spell It
        1. Checks spelling while you work by underlining misspelled words and displaying alternate spellings
        2. Will now fix multiple word errors such as "in the" will be changed to "in the."
      5. Autoformat
        1. applies borders, headings, fractions, and list formatting as you type
        2. documents look great with little extra work
      6. Auto Correct
        1. corrects inadvertent Caps Lock error by automatically putting capitals at the beginning of sentences and if you type "MOther" it will immediately change to "Mother."
      7. Address Book
      8. Internet Assistant
        1. free add on
        2. helps you explore the internet
        3. create Internet documents
      9. Highlighter
        1. use colors to emphasize a document’s key messages
      10. Grammar checker
        1. When typing if Word 97 locates what it believes to be a punctuation or grammatical error it will underscore the mistake with a wavy green line.
        2. Most often than not the grammar checker is correct. Many of the earlier grammar checkers often alerted you to errors which were not errors.
          1. The current Word 97 version is much better at discriminating where the real errors are.
        3. The downside is that the interactive grammar checker is no substitute for real grammar skills.
      11. Wizards
        1. Letter wizard
          1. If you type "Dear John," the program can figure that you are writing a letter and will ask you if you would like to use the letter wizard.
          2. Letter wizard is also available from the file*new icon or from the file pull down menu, selection new.
        2. Fax wizard
          1. Allows you to send a fax out of any application simply look at the "file" pull down menu under the "send to" option and select fax from the choices.
            1. Other choices include send an email, send to a: drive for backup to floppy, always a good idea with data files, or route to someone on the network for collaborative work files.
          2. The fax wizard will help you put a cover sheet on the fax, dial the phone, send the fax, and keep a record of what phone and name to whom the fax was sent.
      12. Layout and graphics features
        1. Are superb
        2. A new table drawing tool
          1. Use the mouse to sketch out a table with any column and row layout right where you want it on the document.
        3. Vertical centering of text – new
          1. Now in addition to centering right to left you can put text in the center of the page when considering the up and down axis.
        4. Easy text rotation for custom documents –new
          1. Rotation of text allows you to print some text sideways or at an angle for graphs and tables or just for effect or to attract attention.
        5. Vertical merging of cells –new
        6. Text boxes
          1. Like text boxes
          2. Hold anything from graphics to tables
          3. Can link and flow text across text boxes like Microsoft Publisher making Word 97 a newsletter and web page tool for those who only have simple needs.
      13. Style list
        1. Change fonts and preview results when applied to block of text
        2. Cannot preview changes from the fonts menu
        3. Watermark creation is still not easy.
          1. Word Perfect creates watermarks easier than in Word.
      14. Formatting
        1. Embossed and shaded text
        2. On-screen text animation tricks
          1. Shimmering
          2. Sparkling
      15. Web features
        1. Corel Word Perfect 8 has similar web feature enhancements
        2. Web Page Wizard allows you to use word to create web sites.
          1. When used in comparison with Hot Dog Pro 4.0 by Sausage Software (http://www.sausage.com), the automated features put spaces between lines, when no spaces were needed by turning each line of the file into a paragraph. This made the Web Page Wizard more difficult to use than necessary.
          2. Save as file formatting was confusing, but perhaps with the upgrade, these problems will be eliminated
            1. Sounds like a broken record by now doesn’t it?
      16. Advanced features
        1. Document Map
          1. Makes a list of long documents major divisions and topics on the left side of the window
          2. Click on the list and the document jumps to that section
        2. AutoSummarize
          1. Creates a quick executive summary of your document at the beginning or in a separate file
          2. The summaries are surprisingly good
            1. But will require some editing.
      17. Collaborative work features
        1. Do not match those of Lotus’ Word Pro
        2. Supports multiple versions of documents stored in a single file, allowing you to revert to earlier versions
          1. Simply click over the revision date, editor, date and time section in the pop-up box.
        3. There are file format problems when mixing formats with Word 95 or earlier versions.
      18. Visual basic becomes the Word 97 macro language
        1. Macros are multiple commands executed with on key press or key combination.
        2. Old macro converter included to convert to the new visual basic format.
      19. My impression
        1. Word 97 is an excellent addition to any desktop.
    13. Integration with Microsoft Internet Explorer
    14. Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
      1. Often called by users and reviewers as "the best spreadsheet."
      2. Changes made to recalculations, charting, clip board, and other functions make them faster and more efficient
      3. Template Wizard
        1. makes templates out of existing spreadsheets by erasing only the data, while leaving the headings and formulas intact
      4. Data Tracking
        1. keeps track of important data
      5. Charting
        1. Chart Wizard – turns data into charts
          1. Much improved from the prior version
        2. Hands-on charting
        3. Drag and Plot
      6. Mapping
        1. analyze data geographically
          1. sales by territory
          2. customers by region
      7. Auto Filter with Top 10
        1. view 10 biggest accounts, orders, or other items
      8. Works with Microsoft Access
        1. Convert to Access Wizard turns a spreadsheet into a true relational database
        2. Access Form Wizard
        3. Access Report Wizard
      9. Auto Calculate
        1. select any combination of cells in a spreadsheet
        2. pop-up window displays context-sensitive calculation on the status bar
        3. choose from
          1. average
          2. sum
          3. count
      10. Auto Complete
        1. recognizes the item being typed
        2. completes the typing for you
      11. Multiple undo levels - new
        1. If you make a series of mistakes, Excel keeps a record of the last few types of corrections so that you can undo as far back as you may need within reason.
      12. Range selection made easier by button –new
        1. Button shrinks the dialog box down and out of the way while you select the range for a formula or function, just like Lotus 1-2-3.
      13. Build formulas under custom data headings – new for 97
        1. Use January for the summary instead of the cell reference
          1. =SUM (January) will sum all figures in that column or row.
          2. Range name creation is unnecessary.
      14. Formula and function editor – new for 97
        1. Like spell check and grammar check the formulas are checked as they are written and potential errors will either be
          1. Syntax errors are remedied on the fly or
          2. Marked for you to edit at the time they occur like spelling and grammar errors
      15. Merge cell contents to form "supercell"
      16. Rotate text in a cell in any direction.
      17. Condition formatting on a value
        1. For example, if numbers are below a certain value red shade the box.
      18. Collaboration features - new
        1. Multiple users can view and edit the same worksheet at the same time on the network, Internet or Intranet.
          1. Excel will remember who made the changes and when they were made.
          2. Track changes with color coding within the document or on a report
          3. Selectively accept or reject each change later
      19. Web features - new
        1. Use a web browser to edit spreadsheets
        2. Open Excel spreadsheets directly from the web server.
        3. Recalculate formulas, rearrange pivot tables, and filter data from the web servers
        4. Excel formulas can include URLs (universal resource locator).
          1. URLs are the codes that allow us to more easily find web addresses that store ranges and values on the web server.
        5. Queries can request a value, such as a stock quote, and pop it into a spreadsheet cell ready to perform computations.
      20. Advanced features – new
        1. Pivot tables that were added In Excel version 5.0
          1. can combine values to form calculated fields
          2. Memory management links to SQL databases
          3. Makes work quicker and
          4. Allows you to work with larger databases
          5. Pivot tables still limited to certain statistical functions
        2. Restrictions on array sizes lifted
        3. ODBC (open data base connectivity) queries are quicker and less difficult to execute
      21. Lack of a good Scenario manager is still a deficiency when compared to Lotus’ what-if modeling
      22. Conclusions
        1. Excel is still the best
    15. Microsoft Power Point (presentation graphics program)
      1. PowerPoint central - new
        1. Multimedia slide show of PowerPoint features that helps you get started using the product quickly
        2. Tips and tricks
        3. Animated demos
        4. Tutorials – accesses them from both
          1. The Office 97 CD-ROM, and
          2. Microsoft website
      2. Clip Gallery – new
        1. Clips of sounds, movies, and pictures
      3. Action buttons – new
        1. Buttons that play multimedia clips or move from slide to slide in slide shows
          1. Similar to those used on the internet
          2. Can be exported to the internet
      4. Auto Clip Art
        1. scans presentation for appropriate clips or images to visually convey your message
      5. Presentation Conferencing:
        1. review presentations with remote workgroup simultaneously over the network
      6. Presentation Conferencing Tools
        1. only available to you
      7. Pack and Go Wizard
        1. packages presentation on multiple disks to go on the road
      8. Meeting Minder:
        1. take meeting notes
        2. assign action items on the spot
      9. Slide and Outline editors
        1. Outline view
          1. New for Office 97 is the ability to edit speaker notes from within outline or slide view saving opening, jumping and closing windows
          2. The window needs to be shrinkable so that proper selection of the editing information can be made by reading or importing from the entire page.
      10. PowerPoint and the Web - new
        1. HTML format shows Wizard
          1. Creates simple animations
          2. Viewed by web browsers with free Microsoft player which works with
            1. Netscape
            2. Explorer
      11. Freelance graphics is still a more flexible presentation tool
    16. Microsoft Access
      1. relational database
      2. imports data from spreadsheets and other databases
      3. improves design of data
      4. Easy to get started
        1. import from existing spreadsheet
        2. prepare a new database from existing templates
      5. Database Wizard
        1. 20 customizable database templates
        2. creates full-featured applications from scratch
        3. includes tables, queries, forms and reports
      6. Table Analyzer Wizard
        1. turn flat file spreadsheets into relational databases
      7. Filter by Selection
        1. simple filter selects correct data files
      8. Filter by Form
        1. complex matrix of parameters selects correct data files
      9. Pivot Table Wizard from Microsoft Excel
        1. changes axis from up and down to right and left
      10. Mail Merge Wizard
        1. merges data from Microsoft Access into Microsoft Word
      11. Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications
        1. can use this for a shared application environment
      12. OLE (Object Linking and Embedding)
        1. allows suite programs to exchange information automatically
        2. items changed in one document automatically change in another
    17. Outlook 97: The New and Improved version of Microsoft Schedule+
      1. workgroups can manage and share calendars, tasks, and contacts
        1. used extensively at Microsoft to schedule meetings automatically without any need for the entire workgroup to get involved personally
        2. automatically checks everyone on the meeting roster for available time on their schedule before selecting an appropriate time.
      2. Information sharing
        1. attach documents to meeting requests
      3. Group scheduling with Meeting Wizard
        1. see above
      4. Custom calendars
        1. organize time by the day, week, or month
        2. switch between views
        3. AutoDate feature can put in dates with simple English phrases
          1. Type in the first Thursday in March and the program will put in the date for you.
        4. Tentative "pencilled in" meetings set up automatically when invitations are emailed
        5. Holidays are imported from US, Jewish and other groups marking them clearly on the calendar
          1. Consistent with the Microsoft work ethic you can schedule meetings and other work on these holidays. There is no toggle to allow you to choose whether to allow or not allow this type of scheduling.
      5. The Contact Manager
        1. store and access names, phone numbers, addresses,
        2. email, and free form notes support is new for Office 97
        3. drag and drop from inbox to input names and other information automatically into the system
        4. business and personal contacts
        5. features do not even come close to professional contact management programs, but they are getting better
          1. Act!
          2. Telemagic
          3. Gold Mine
      6. Seven Habits Wizard
        1. integrates time management with the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
      7. Integrates with hand held and other portable time management tools
        1. Timex Data Link Watch integration
          1. Download to the watch just by pointing the watch face at the screen and activating the download sequence on the computer
          2. The watch can read the patterns on the computer monitor and program your schedule
        2. Pocket schedulers
      8. Inbox/Messaging
        1. Universal e-mail client
        2. Windows 95 Exchange mailbox - New and improved
        3. MAPI compliant email support
        4. Internet email support
        5. Compuserve email support
        6. Email surveys sent to a mail routing list
          1. Sends out email
          2. Tabulates the votes
          3. Difficult to learn and use
      9. Journal new for Office 97
        1. Logs all work in Word, Excel and other modules
        2. Keeps track of files worked on, dates, and amount of time spent including the actual hours
        3. Makes it easy to find work from a particular day or time of day
      10. Collaborative work group tools - new
        1. Tasks applet
          1. Delegate items from your to do list to other workers
          2. Check off for completed work by anyone in the workgroup results in email to your Inbox
        2. Shares contact lists and task lists among workgroup team.
        3. Expense reporting and job postings are other new features
    18. Microsoft Bookshelf for Windows 95
      1. searches quickly
      2. Multimedia books
        1. sound, video, and animation
        2. eight books on one CD-ROM
      3. National Five Digit Zip Code and Post Office Directory
        1. quickly gets correct zip codes and cities for incomplete addresses
      4. The American Heritage Dictionary
      5. The Original Roget’s Thesaurus
      6. The World Almanac and Book of Facts, 1995 Edition
      7. The Concise Columbia Encyclopedia
      8. The Dictionary of Quotations
      9. The People’s Chronology
      10. The Hammond Intermediate World Atlas
    19. Add other programs integrated to work with Office
      1. Microsoft Office Family of Products
        1. A line of products from Microsoft and other companies that integrate with Microsoft Office
      2. Microsoft Small Business Pack for Microsoft Office
      3. Microsoft Back Office
        1. independent authoring tool to create custom applications that integrate with Microsoft Office
        2. Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
          1. supports a variety of databases
            1. Microsoft SQL Server
            2. ORACLE
            3. DECTM Rdb
            4. IBM As/400
            5. DB2
          2. both for Excel and Access
          3. Microsoft Jet database engine
            1. a fast data access database
        3. messaging application programming interface (MAPI)
          1. interface with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Mail on the desktop of Windows 95
          2. deliver routing applications
          3. project scheduling applications
          4. messaging services
        4. Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)
          1. OLE programmable objects
          2. OLE Automation
            1. breaks down barriers between programs
            2. making data interchange automatic and real-time
        5. Visual Basic
          1. the world’s most popular programming language
          2. easy to understand
          3. professional development language for custom applications for all Office components
    20. System requirements
      1. 386 DX processor (486 recommended)
      2. Windows 95 operating system or Windows NT workstation version 3.51
      3. RAM
        1. 8 MB RAM needed to run two programs on Windows 95,
        2. 16 MB RAM needed to run two programs on Windows NT
        3. Microsoft Access in Office Professional requires 12 MB of memory to run, and 20 MB to run two programs when one is Access
      4. Hard Disk Space
        1. 28 MB compact
        2. 55 MB typical
        3. 126 MB custom maximum
      5. one 3.5 inch high density micro floppy disk drive
      6. VGA or higher resolution video adapter
      7. Microsoft compatible mouse or pointing device
      8. Microsoft Bookshelf requires a multimedia PC with
        1. CD-ROM drive
        2. Windows compatible sound card
        3. speakers
        4. MS-DOS CD-ROM Extensions (MSCDEX) version 2.2 or later.
  13. Corel WordPerfect Suite 8 for Windows 97
    1. Contents
      1. Corel WordPerfect-8
      2. Corel Quattro-Pro 8
      3. Corel Presentations-8
      4. CorelFLOW-3
      5. At&T’s WorldNet Service Software
        1. includes Netscape Navigator-Internet Browser
      6. Starfish’s Sidekick-97
      7. Starfish’s Dashboard-97
      8. Envoy 8
      9. IBM’s VoiceType Control
      10. INSO’s Quick View Plus
      11. Corel Screen Saver
      12. 150 Typographical Fonts
      13. 10,000 Clipart Images
    2. Minimum System Requirements
      1. Operating System
        1. Windows 95
      2. CPU type
        1. 486 DX 25 MHz processor (486 DX 66 MHz processor recommended)
      3. Random Access Memory (RAM)
        1. 8 MB RAM (16 MB recommended)
      4. Graphics
        1. VGA Monitor
      5. CD-ROM drive speed
          1. double speed CD-ROM recommended for all applications
      6. Audio
        1. 8-bit Sound Blaster or 100% compatible sound card
      7. Hard disk drive (HDD)
        1. 30 MB minimum installation
        2. 220 MB maximum installation
      8. Other
        1. 100% Microsoft compatible mouse
      9. Network compatibility
        1. Novel NetWare
        2. Windows for Workgroups
        3. Banyan Vines
        4. LAN Server
    3. Corel Announced the New Java-Based Integrated Office Suite
      1. May 30, 1996 in Ottawa, Canada at the Java One trade show.
      2. www.corel.com/products/office products/java
      3. www.corel.com/new/1996/may/javaone.htm
      4. Java is expected to be the company’s key to Internet strategy
      5. According to Corel, "productivity applications based on Java technology could soon overtake Windows in volume."
      6. Corel Barista
        1. allow Corel Office Professional’s WordPerfect 7 and Ventura 7 to create documents based entirely on the Java platform
        2. does not require any programming
        3. give the publishers complete control over the look and feel of the documents
        4. planned to contain unique interactivity and multimedia features
        5. documents are portable across platforms
        6. compatible with any Java-enabled browser
    4. Corel was incorporated in 1985
    5. Shared applications
      1. Speller
      2. Thesaurus
      3. Grammatik
      4. Open Dialog
      5. DAD
        1. Desktop Applications Director
        2. Microsoft has MOM and Corel has DAD
        3. a customizable floating palette
        4. launches applications
        5. search and copy files
      6. Quick Tasks
        1. cross-application scripts to help you automatically complete entire projects in several applications
      7. IBM Voice Type Control
        1. use a microphone and your voice
        2. navigate and activate each core application’s graphic user interface
      8. Perfect Expert
        1. ask questions and get help in your own words
      9. Lotus Notes with Notes FX support
      10. Quick View Plus
        1. view files and transfer them within applications
      11. OLE 2.0 (Object Linking and Embedding)
        1. in-place editing
      12. Interactive Coaches
        1. take you step-by-step through the features and functions of each program
    6. Internet features
      1. full connectivity in all core applications
      2. convert to and from HTML in all core applications
      3. Link documents to specific information on the Web with the Universal Resource Locator (URL) embedded in your core application documents
    7. Price
      1. Upgrade
        1. all owners of the following products can get the upgrade price
          1. Corel DRAW 6
          2. Corel VENTURA
          3. Corel Office Professional for Windows 3.1x
          4. Corel Office for Windows 3.1x
          5. Any word processor, spreadsheet, or office suite (office of professional) from Microsoft, Lotus, Novell, or Borland
    8. Corel WordPerfect 7
      1. word processor with a long and varied history
        1. The most popular word processor ever produced
        2. 53% of the 1.77 million shipped stand alone word processors were Word Perfect
          1. 35% MS Word
          2. 10% Word Pro
      2. Internet connectivity
        1. link any text directly to an Internet file or file bookmark
        2. convert Web files directly to Corel WordPerfect format, ready for use
      3. Guidelines
        1. change columns and margins directly on page
      4. QuickSpots
        1. quick access to formatting options and attributes for paragraphs, table cells and graphs
      5. Spell-As-You-Go
        1. underlines words that might be misspelled so you can correct them as you type
      6. Quick Fonts
        1. Shows the last 10 fonts that you have used
        2. WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get): They look on the screen just like they print.
      7. Shadow cursor
        1. shows you where the cursor is going to be before you click
        2. weird feature, but you might like it.
      8. Grammatick
        1. rewrites even more sentences with a click of a mouse.
      9. Internet Publisher
        1. automatically create and edit Web documents
      10. Make it Fit
        1. "Make it so?" Captain Picard
        2. shrinks or expands a document to fit
        3. controls which formatting features are changed
      11. QuickFormat
        1. copy or paint one formatting style from one location to another
      12. QuickCorrect
        1. Format As-You-Go
        2. create error free documents
        3. results are polished and professional
      13. QuickFinder
        1. search and retrieves files quickly
        2. searches with selectable parameters
          1. folders
          2. drives
          3. type of files
    9. Quattro Pro 7 (spreadsheet)
      1. Internet connectivity
        1. see above
      2. Internet publishing
        1. publish any Corel Quattro Pro 7 Notebook as an HTML file
      3. New @ functions
        1. more than 100 new ones
        2. for a total of nearly 500 @ functions
      4. QuickFill
        1. fills in sequential or repetitive data instantly
        2. handles bi-directional and discontinuous ranges
      5. Right mouse button support
        1. right mouse button support for fast formatting options
      6. Chart styles
        1. 50 styles to choose from
      7. Enhanced Formula Composer
        1. helps set up formulas more quickly and accurately
      8. Quick Templates
        1. 30 pre-formatted templates
    10. Corel Presentations 7 (graphic presentation)
      1. Action Links
        1. move from a slide to an Internet site
        2. move from a slide to other slides
      2. Convert slide show to HTML format
        1. easy internet publishing
      3. Object and bullet animation
        1. makes slide shows more exciting
      4. Transition effects
        1. 50 effects
          1. roll
          2. fade
          3. spiral away
        2. work with
          1. text
          2. graphics
          3. slides
      5. File importation
        1. Microsoft PowerPoint
        2. Lotus Freelance Graphics
        3. Harvard Graphics
      6. Slide shows can be created directly in other applications and imported
        1. Corel WordPerfect
        2. Microsoft Word
        3. Lotus AmiPro outline
      7. One presentation can incorporate multiple
        1. backgrounds
        2. graphics
        3. text
        4. video
        5. sound
    11. CorelFLOW3
      1. diagramming software
      2. unique to Suites
        1. closest similar product = Microsoft Project
      3. PC Graphics and Video, 1995 Highly Recommended Product Award
      4. 6400 drag and drop symbols
      5. 205 Smart Symbol Libraries and Stencils
      6. 160 fonts
      7. 1500 clip art
      8. 1000 photos
      9. Microsoft Office Binder support
      10. Create charts, diagrams, schematics, and layouts
      11. live repeating line patterns
      12. polygon tool
      13. fountain fills
      14. center and repeating arrows
      15. hyperlinks
      16. dynamic print preview
      17. multiple shadows
      18. thesaurus and type assistant
      19. live auto-line routing
      20. script editor
      21. eight color models supported
      22. spell checker
      23. rulers and guidelines
      24. templates and wizards
    12. AT&T WorldNet Service
      1. organized topical information
      2. categories and topics
      3. personal and business interests
    13. Sidekick 95
      1. Rated as the number one personal organizer
        1. millions of users
      2. manage information
        1. calendar
        2. address book
        3. scheduler
        4. contacts
        5. expenses
        6. to-do lists
      3. Calendar views
        1. weekly
        2. monthly
        3. yearly
        4. toggle between views
        5. drag and drop rescheduling
        6. drag a name from card file to calendar to schedule
        7. highlight multi-day events with a color of your choice
      4. Write Word Processing features
        1. create and customize letters
        2. spell checking
        3. ready-to-use templates create
          1. instant letters
          2. form letters
          3. thank you notes
          4. cover letters
        4. print preview
        5. print
          1. Avery labels
          2. standard envelopes
        6. exchange documents
          1. WordPerfect
          2. Microsoft Word
        7. Write
          1. organize folders
          2. fax or email directly from within
      5. Prints pages in popular paper organizer format
        1. Day-Timer
        2. Day-Runner
        3. Franklin
        4. Filofax
      6. Expense reports
        1. record expenses on the go
        2. sort and categorize receipts
        3. calculate totals by
          1. client
          2. project
        4. print finished report
      7. Earth Time
        1. tells time around the globe
        2. simultaneously displays 8 time zone locations
        3. choose from 350 world capitals and commercial centers
        4. animated Worldwide map
          1. shows daylight and darkness
          2. good for call planning
      8. Reminder page
        1. audible alarms
        2. to-do lists
        3. instant overview of appointments
      9. Phone Dialer
        1. dial right out of the card list
        2. contact manager displays record of
          1. prior calls
          2. to do list
          3. appointments
          4. contact details
      10. Daily Almanac
        1. lists sunrise, sunset, and moon phases
        2. daily zodiac sign
        3. full moon warning
      11. Address Book
        1. business or personal contact
        2. any type of information
          1. restaurant list
          2. CD collection
        3. drag and drop cards
        4. open several files at once
      12. Starfish Software
        1. founded in 1994 by Philippe Kahn
        2. Go Starfish on CompuServe
        3. Go Word Starfish on Microsoft Network (MSN)
        4. keyword Starfish on America Online (AOL)
        5. phone: 8007657839
        6. 1700 Green Hills Road, Scotts Valley, CA 95066
      13. Service
        1. $2 per minute
        2. 1-900-555-1010
        3. 1-800-953-9995, charged to credit card
        4. 6am to 5pm Pacific Time
    14. Starfish’s Dashboard 95 for Windows 95
      1. Simple control panel for Windows 95 resources
        1. launch applications
          1. drag and drop applications to the launch panel
          2. notebook tabs for quick launch applications
            1. customize into games and financial applications launch pads
        2. switch windows easily
        3. extended screens
          1. up to nine full screen view at once
        4. explore your disk
        5. find files
      2. Resource manager
        1. CPU activity
        2. memory
        3. diskspace
        4. use either a gas gauge or live display
      3. Printing and Faxing
        1. drag and drop files to print or fax
        2. no need to open an application
      4. use Windows 95 explorer, copy, move or delete files
      5. Games
        1. poker
        2. slots
        3. puzzle
    15. Groupwise 4.1 E-mail Client License
      1. The workstation and server client license for Novell GroupWise is not included and must be purchased for extra cost before the license can be used
      2. electronic mail
      3. group scheduling
      4. personal calendaring,
      5. task management capabilities
      6. work-flow routing
      7. cross-platform support
    16. Pricing
      1. $395 for the CD ROM
      2. $449 for both diskette and CD-ROM
      3. $129 for the CD-ROM upgrade
      4. $179 for both diskette and CD-ROM upgrade
    17. Address
      1. Corel WordPerfect Corporation, 567 East Timpanagos Parkway, Orem, UT 84057