By Al Giovetti


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Military Simulations Inc. is out of the entertainment business

From: Steve Hawley Thank you for your interest. However Military Simulations Inc. is out of the entertainment business at this time and will not be attending E3. Steve Hawley Military Simulations Inc.

Military Simulations produced one game: Back to Baghdad. The timeline of the company reads a little like a bid to start a military contracting company rather than an entertainment company.

January 1994 - Military Simulations Inc. is formed by President and CEO, Robert Carter and Vice President of Development, George Keverian.

January 1994 - Development of a F16 simulator titled Back to Baghdad begins.

April 1996 - Military Simulations Inc. hires Vice President of Operations, Gary Moffett.

June 1996 - Back to Baghdad - The Ultimate Desert Storm Simulation is released.Back to Baghdad is released as an entertainment product for the PC. Its target audience is the "hard core" flight simulation enthusiast due to its high degree of realism.

June 1996 - Military Simulations Inc. invited to show Back to Baghdad at Air Force Communications Electronics Association (AFCEA) trade show.

November 1996 - Military Simulations begins implementation of Air Combat Trainer (modified Back to Baghdad source code for easy intregration into low-high fidelity F16 cockpit built by Military Simulations Inc.).

According to Military Simulations Inc. materials, those people unlucky enough to have purchased Back to Baghdad will have to be satisfied with "very limited support" from the company. Unlike a military contractor who can charge large fees for support, the average Joe who bought the game is a consumer who has a right to low cost support and is unwilling to pay the high costs.

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