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I want my Might and Magic...

The big news about New World Computing was the acquisition by 3DO. Many in the industry were wondering about the solvency of New World Computing at the E3 show. But now with 3DO backing them, and if 3DO can keep their hands off the company, game players have a new horizon for this excellent game company.

New World Computing, the company that produces the Might and Magic series, cut its teeth on the first game in the series Might and Magic in 1984. In the late '70s and early '80s, the game world was dominated by computer role playing games, which sold the most and garnered the most revenue.

Might and Magic is a very detailed and involved computer fantasy role playing game, or CFRPG. The game is characterized by real time combat, and a plethora of atribute and skill statistics, quests, weapons, spells, armor, races, and classes or professions. Small bands of adventurers move through the game completing impossible quests to save the universe from the clutches of some ultimate evil force.

The Heroes of Might and Magic Series is basically a fantasy strategy game where you grow up armies of characters who you control. These characters and armies can compete against one another in timed battle sequences. Usually, the object of the game is simply to defeat some computer or human based intelligence for dominance of the game.

The two game genres are quite divergent, and while some like both genres, generally, those who like CFRPGs do not like strategy games and vice versa.


From: Suzie Kucharczyk kucharczyks@bv.com Organization: Black & Veatch
We currently own the heros of Might and Magic II. At the beginning of the game if you click on the door on the left that is partically open you can view portions of the Heros of Might and Magic VI. The message at the bottom of the screen sates that VI will be coming out in 97. Can you tell me if it is out and why did they skip III? Where can I purchase this version VI? Thank you. Susan Kucharczyk

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