By Al Giovetti
, 04/21/97


Microprose and FASA Expand License Agreement

FASA, creators of the BattleTech universe, has an agreement with Microprose, the newly acquired Hunt Valley, Maryland subsidiary of Spectrum Holobyte who are known for flight simulators and strategy games and who also produced some very high quality graphic animated adventures before being acquired. The agreement relates to the marketing of the in development FASA computer game titles of MechWarrior III and MechCommander (formerly entitled Honor Bound). Both titles will have single and multiplayer options.

The agreement has been expanded to include five titles.BattleTech: The Elementals and two, as yet unnamed, Shadowrun titles. Denny Thorley, president of FASA Interactive, said, "Our agreement with MicroProse will certainly enhance the BattleTech brand name. We are excited and fortunate to have Microprose's worldwide publishing, marketing, and distribution clout. MicroProse has the proven ability to build and sustain brands. The success of their latest games, Civilization II, Grand Prix II, Master of Orion II and Magic: The Gathering is a testament to that.

Dereck McLeish, senior vice president of marketing for Microprose said, "We are thrilled to work with great properties, a rich BattleTech universe, and a developed brand in addition to an excellent team and relationship with FASA interactive. The measure of success with be MicroProse bringing great games to market that maximize the combined strengths of each company."

After the rather nebulous speaches, it was noted that significant defections from the company included the defection of Arnold Hendricks from the Hunt Valley office to Wild Bill Stealey's Interactive Magic in North Carolina with a sucessful product IM1A1 Abrams already on the market and the three member Firaxis team reported earlier in the year. We all know that Spectrum Holobyte is a strong company, but the real question is whether FASA Interactive can cut the mustard. Time will tell.

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