By Al Giovetti


Mercury Meltdown is Rolling Your Way!

July 22, 2006

Mercury Meltdown is coming to the PSP on August 29th! Mercury Meltdown is a fun, highly addictive puzzle game that is challenging for everyone! This sequel to the PSP launch title "Archer MacLean's Mercury" has a more accessible look and feel designed to appeal to a wide audience, while adding new features such as downloadable content, over 160 challenging levels, additional multiplayer and wireless modes along with party games and new mercury blob physics. Please note this is a new launch date of August 29th. The box art for this game has just been released (please see below.)

Look what the press is saying!

"Destined to be one of the most challenging, patience-testing puzzlers you'll ever play." - GameZone.com

"Mercury Meltdown for the PSP proves itself to be a challenging game, with the physics of the mercury frustrating players to no end. Those who found Archer Maclean's Mercury to be an entertaining game will find themselves drawn to Mercury Meltdown." - GamePro.com

"While you still may be stumped by some of the more difficult stages, Mercury Meltdown looks like it's shaping up to be an intriguing option for those looking for their next big brain teaser." - GameSpy.com

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