By Al Giovetti


Lineage II Chronicle 5: Oath of Blood -- all new, all free

July 21, 2006

NCsoft is poised to launch the upcoming expansion of the Lineage II very soon. Chronicle 5: Oath of Blood is the latest in a series of massive free expansions to Lineage® II. Chronicle 5 continues the tradition of adding tons of new content, but also includes concentrated enhancements to existing features unlike any Chronicle before. Armed with feedback from our Lineage® II community, Studio E&G has improved multiple systems to appeal to new players and enrich the experience of veterans. New updates include:

A Better Experience for Solo Hunters and New Players

Prior to Chronicle 5, the life of a new player or solo hunter in the world of Aden could be an unforgiving and frustrating experience. New items and changes for solo players and low level characters offer a more enjoyable experience without sacrificing the renowned challenge of Lineage® II.

Revitalized Player vs. Player Combat

Lineage® II features unequaled PvP combat and the challenge is as fierce as ever. In Chronicle 5, class balance is the focus. Every class can now win through skilled manipulation of its own strengths and the enemy’s weaknesses.

Enhanced Clan System Clans can now have more members through the addition of the Royal Guard and the Order of Knights. Also, through the creation of their own Academy, clans can bring new players into the clan and rapidly train them (advance them in level). Also added are new clan-based skills that aid each clan member, new clan halls, and a variety of other social benefits.

New Castles and Territories

Several new adventuring areas are introduced in Chronicle 5, including the castles of Rune and Schuttgart. These massive fortresses present fresh challenges for experienced siege planners. New creatures populate these unconquered territories, including Frintezza – an immortal being of immense power, offering an entirely new style of battle to seasoned veterans.

Increased Level Cap

Players can now advance to level 80, giving the elite players of Lineage® II a challenge unlike any other MMORPG.

Many Additional Features

Chronicle 5: Oath of Blood is packed with hundreds of new items, creatures, quests, mini games and improvements. Players can expect refinements to many aspects of the game including the user interface, fishing, and the Hero and Olympiad systems.

If you’ve never played Lineage® II, or have been away for a while, now is the time to experience one of the biggest and most popular MMORPGs in the world! Please email olertutai@ncsoft.com for an invitation to the game. We can schedule a personalized walkthrough for you, as well as developer interviews beginning now.

Thank you very much for your support for Lineage II. We hope to see you in the indefinite world of Lineage II soon.


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