Learning Ladder Series of Childrens Games

The following two letters were sent in comment to the review:


I love it! A great synopsis of our line. Here is the missing info you need:
One error: you made a freudian slip in the sentence ...humanities quest to avoid extinction (you wrote distinction, I agree, it does seem that humanity is trying to avoid distinction!) Also, we made some minor changes in the titles:
Dinosaurs across America (we took out "teach Patrick Rabbit") Super Radio Addition with Mike and Spike (we added "Super" and reversed Spike and Mike due to a trademark issue) Multiplication Tour with Mike and Spike (again Spike and Mike are reversed) Let me know if you need anything else,
Thanks so much,

Dear Al,

I want to thank you for your review of the Learning Ladder Series, and mentioning Theo the Dinosaur. My company, Interactive Ink, Incorporated produced the entire CD from our home. It was a monumentous task involving my whole family, friends, lots of local actors and actresses and countless freelance computer artists. The rock and roll song about reading was written and performed by my teenage son's band. To make a long sorry short, we now have office space with several full time employees and interns coming in and out. Our next title with Panasonic is Dinosaurs Across America, it is in it's finishing stage. We are very excited about the increase in quality over Theo the Dinosaur. It has over three times the content and much more interactivity.

The author of the original printed pieces of Theo and DAA is Phil Yeh. He has been traveling around the world promoting literacy with these characters. He has over 500 permanent murals in the US. He has been to China, Japan, France, Italy to name a few. I was so pleased to see in your review that you understand what we are trying to do with these products - make learning fun and convey the message to kids that there are so many interesting things to learn, see and do.

Again, thank you for the review. Check out our site. I plan on linking your site to ours. I'd appreciate it if you could do the same.


Kathy Rausch
Interactive Ink, Incorporated