We mourn the passing of GTE Interactive and the games that could have been.
By Al Giovetti

GTE Interactive

GTE Interactive Quits Game Biz

Ignoring strong fourth quarter sales figures, primarily due to the beautiful and enigmatic Timelapse and Cyberflix's Titanic: Adventure Out of Time, GTE Interactive is out of business

The date slated for shutdown is March 14, 1997. Rik Sandoval, marketing communications director of GTE Interactive, feels that providing support through June should take care of most problems with the games. This is very short sided since many game players, play games for years. Just recently, myself and others of our staff were playing some games that were over 8 years old. The Roberta Williams Anthology dredges up games over 15 years old. What many gamers may find is that these games are still enjoyable. Look for an editorial or column on new games in the future.

Titanic was one of the top 20 sellers, and Timelapse was one of the top 10 sellers in the nation according to GTE Interactive's vice president of sales Dick Larkin. Titles which did not make December release will be cancelled, including FX Fighter and The Rolling Stones: Voodoo Lounge. We morn the passing of a competitor in the game of games production.