By Al Giovetti
Genre:role playing
Release:Summer 1997
Developer: Interplay
Lead Artist: Leonard Boyarsky
Lead Programmer: Tim Cain
Producer:Tim Cain
Publisher: Interplay
Website: www.interplay.com
Requirements:486 DX2, 100 MHz, 16 MB RAM, MSDOS, Windows 95, Macintosh


Date: March 5, 1997


Here's some extra info.

The developer is Interplay, and I'm also the lead programmer (there are 4 other programmers as well). You can find screen shots on our web page, but I'm pretty sure the page doesn't describe our music which will be dark ambient in style. Each area has its own music, which, in addition to graphics, gives each area its own atmosphere. Thus, walking thru a buried vault is a different experience than wandering into a crowded bazaar in a village.

We hired professional Hollywood voice actors for our digitized speech. I'm not sure who we can name, but most of them will be immediately recognizable. They are big-name actors with distinct voices.

We should have an interactive demo out in a month.

Tim. (Tim Cain)


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