F-22 Lightining II UFO Sighting

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from Novalogic

UFO Siting!

One of the most important stages of game development is testing. Experimenting with a computer program that simulates reality so accurately is an arduous task, but we pushed the software to its limits, sometimes surprising even the designers and programmers.

On one occasion, one of the testers reported seeing a fast moving bright light, an Unidentified Flying Object, during a routine mission check. The programmer insisted that he had not programmed any such object into the game, but the tester was sure he had seen a small object zoom across the screen. The UFO moved too quickly for him to capture a screen shot, or pause the game.

For the rest of the day they watched if the mysterious object would return. By evening several more testers had reported seeing the UFO, and the office was buzzing with rumors and conjectures. Finally, a tester managed to pause the game with the UFO on screen. They called the programmer, and behind closed doors (away from the eyes of the government) carefully examined what was shown. There was the jet, frozen mid-flight, and slightly behind it and to the right was the suspect object. They puzzled over it for a long time, as X- files jokes were being tossed around, and finally arrived at the only possible answer...

It just goes to show - if it exists in real life, you'll find it in F-22.