By Al Giovetti


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The Computer Show, Al Giovetti, Ron Israel, and Mark Gross went to Eugene, Oregon, to film Dynamix people and their new product line. We were in Eugene from August 5 to August 9, 1998. We filmed Trophy Bass II, Trophy Bass 3D, Trophy Rivers, Trophy Marlin, Trophy Salt, Trophy Wife, StarSiege, StarSiege Tribes, USA Streets and Destinations, Generations, Ski Racing, Ultra 3DMini Golf, and many others.

We learned the definitions of many esoteric terms like "pick your lock", "the big pipes", "the good and bad locksmith", "honey bucket", "size does matter", "Noel the fetish photographer", "baby powder", and "dental dams". Who says Eugene is dull.

From the first we went to the famous Eugene microbrew bars, and saw the famous Saturday Market and the University of Oregon. The first microbrew we visited was on Wednesday night, August 5, 1998, at the 19th Street Cafe. While I cannot recommend the grilled tuna sandwich, the microbrews and veggy burgers were great. The wonderful hosts at Dynamix included Sandy Muller, who made sure that we went to an authentic 1960's hippy birthday party. Oh, and a happy birthday to Erica, who had a company birthday party at The Wild Duck, which we all attended, the evening of August 7 (Friday). Just how old were you, again, Erica? Damon Slye, one of the creative forces behind Dynamix, Artic Fox, and the original Red Baron showed up and wished Erica a happy birthday, and the other dozen guests. We were very happy to have been able to share this personal moment with the Dynamix employees and to see how very close they really are. We were impressed.

We had an absolutely fun dinner and wine tasting on on Thursday evening, August 6, 1998, where Trudy, who is the special friend of Peter, served us our meal and too many bottles of wine at a local restaurant named Pinot's. At the company picnick Peter and Trudy were kind enough to host us by providing rides on their Water Scooter in a large lake near Eugene.

The people of Eugene drink far too much micro-brew. Oh and a special hello to Trudy and Peter. Trudy should be advised to stay inside the sun rooves of cars, and avoid horney videographers. A fun time was had by all.

Here is a picturecs2.jpg - 60.98 Kof me and Jerry Luttrell in the 3rd floor Dynamix conference room just before another night in the microbreweries.

The list of peole goes on, including Jerry Luttrell, who said to call Genevieve Ostergard about the new Krondor title featuring Raymond Feist, James Carey, who runs the digital video department and does the "SCANDO" screen capture, Mark Brenneman, Barry Drew, Jeff Tunnell, one of the founders and directors of Dynamix, Michael Waite, Mark Crowe, Shawn Sharp, who promissed me he would send me a signed original drawing, Kurt Weber, Steven D. Letsom, Douglas Brashir, Tucker Hatfield, Kyle Miller, Brian Hahn, who talked about 3D Ultra Mini Golf, Trevor Lanz, Mary Ann O'Leary, who did much of the art for Cyberstorm 2 and claims the cow is a myth, Scott Rudi, Mark Frohnmayer, who worked on the software for StarSiege Tribes, Scott Youngblood, who worked on StarSiege Tribes, Tim Gift, who also worked on StarSiege Tribes, and many others.

We especially enjoyed meeting with Sandy Muller and her husband Scott, and the three kids which included the extraordinarily cute, Dexter, at the family picnic on Saturday.

To answer your first questions, Scot Bayless is the person that you talked to who worked at SSI. He has quit his job here and is living in the San Francisco area. I'm not sure how to reach him. His brother still works here and you can reach him, Graeme Bayless, at graeme.bayless@dynamix.com.

Did you get the B-roll that I sent to you on Minigolf and Red Baron? I only have beta at this point, but I will send you VHS as soon as I have some duped. Those are my two titles and the rest will need to come from the appropriate PR Managers as follows:

Erica Kohnke, erica.kohnke@dynamix.com, 541-334-4962 for Trophy Rivers, Trophy Bass 2 Deluxe, Trophy Bass 3D, Ski Racing and Trophy Marlin.

Michelle Stephens, michelle.stephens@dynamix.com, 541-334-4914 for Starsiege and Starsiege Tribes.

Chad Thompson, chad.thompson@sierra.com, 425-649-9800, for USA Street & Destinations 98, Generations, etc.

Blake Hutchins is a Writer here at Dynamix, he can be reached at blake.hutchins@dynamix.com.

Hope this helps! Thanks for all the time you spend with us here at Dynamix. I really enjoyed it. Did you get your shirt and tie back? It was in the bottom of the box I sent to you.

Yes, I forgot my shirt and Sandy sent it back to me in a box of goodies. Thanks Sandy.

Filming Schedule

August 6, 1998
Michael Waite, Kurt Weber, and Steven D. Letsom spoke about Trophy Bass, Trophy Rivers, Trophy Marlin, Trophy Salt and Trophy Wife
Blake Hutchins spoke about the StarSiege storyline.
Tim Gift, and Mark Frohnmayer talked about Star Siege Tribes
Scott Youngblood talked about Star Siege Tribes
Shawn Sharp talked about his wonderful extensive and original drawings on Star Siege Tribes
Gerald Harrison spoke about Star Siege
Mike Jahnke spoke about Star Siege

August 7, 1998
Mary Ann O'Leary, the artist from CyberStorm 2, talks about her work in her office at Dynamix
L. Tucker Hatfield and Douglas Brashear at the Oregon Air and Space Museum discuss Red Baron 3D in front of a replica of the Red Baron's FokkerTriplane.
After Lunch at Pietros Pizza overlooking the Willamet River from an outdoor terrace dining area, we went to Camp Putt golf course to talk to the Minigolf Deluxe Team:
Brian Hahn talks about 3D Ultra MiniGolf
Anthony A. Lewis talks about 3D Ultra MiniGolf
David P. McClurg
Mark Crowe talked about the new Dynamix Skiing product

August 8, 1998
At the company picnic at Orchard Point Park near on the Fern Ridge Resvoir:
Jeff Tunnell, one of the founders and directors of Dynamix, talks about the past, present, and future of Dynamix












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