Greg Mandel: Al, I thought you would like to know the DWANGO, the ultimate online gaming service, has expanded into Singapore and South Korea, and has added a second server in Japan. This is latest step in the company's quest to create a "global gaming village." If you need more information, or would like to talk to "DWANGO Bob"Huntley, the president of DWANGO, please give me a call.


DWANGO Expands its Presence in the Far East with New Servers in Japan, Singapore and South Korea

Online Gaming Service Comes One Step Closer to Creating a Global Gaming Village

New York, NY, August 27, 1996 P The multi-player online gaming powerhouse DWANGO* (Dial-up Wide Area Network Game Operation) took yet another giant step today in its quest to create a Rglobal gaming villageS with the installation of DWANGO servers in Kashiwa, Japan; Singapore, Malaysia; and Seoul, South Korea. This second wave of Far East expansion will provide gamers with 24-hour online access to the most popular multi-player games, including the best-selling PC games in the world such as DOOM II*, Hexen*, Duke Nukem 3D*, MechWarrior( 2 and Warcraft 2*.

DWANGOs vision is to create a global gaming village by setting up and connecting local DWANGO servers in every major city and community around the world. The company has established 28 game servers in major cities throughout North America and the Far East, and will soon expand to Europe, Australia and South America. In January, DWANGO announced the installation of its first Far East server in Tokyo, Japan.

The popularity of online gaming has increased tremendously in the Far East over the past year, and we intend to capitalize on this trend by delivering the most popular PC games available at the fastest speeds possible,S said Bob Huntley, president and CEO of DWANGO. RWith DWANGOUs increased presence in the Far East, we are confident that the thrill of online gaming will continue to spread across the region.

Games currently available for play on DWANGO include Big Red Racing (Eidos Interactive); DOOM*, DOOM II, The Ultimate DOOM* and Final Doom* (id Software); Heretic*, Heretic - Shadow of the Serpent Riders*, Hexen, and Hexen - Deathkings of the Dark Citadel* (id Software/Raven Software); MechWarrior( 2 (Activision); Duke Nukem 3D* and Terminal Velocity* (3D Realms); Warcraft 2* (Blizzard Entertainment), Strife* (Velocity) and Descent 2* (Interplay). New games are being added on a regular basis to provide gamers with the latest multi-player action.

DWANGOs client/server technology and proprietary compression/decompression software allows DWANGO to match the real-time speed of solo play on a PC, and is equivalent to or better than local area network, modem-to-modem and Internet play.

The DWANGO client software is available for free on the DWANGO World Wide Web home page (www.dwango.com), the DWANGO BBS (713/467-9272) and on registered versions of DOOM II, The Ultimate DOOM, Heretic, Hexen, Terminal Velocity and NetMech. Subscribers must install the DWANGO software on their hard drive and own the commercial or shareware version of the games they wish to play.

DWANGO is the world's premier online service dedicated exclusively to multi-player gaming. DWANGO forms alliances with leading game developers and publishers to offer a variety of the most popular multi-player games to the consumer in an online environment. DWANGO, headquartered in Houston, has 28 game servers in cities throughout North America and the Far East.
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