Dragonfire: Quest for Glory 5

News By Al Giovetti
Genre: role playing graphic adventure (mixed genre)
Designers: Lori and Corey Cole
Publisher: Sierra Online
Website: www.sierra.com

"Well, I guess I opened a real can of worms when I announced that we were starting work on a brand-new Quest for Glory game... (D'oh!) A large number of people, including Greg Wojtak, "Type O Negative" on SierraChat, flooded my mailbox with requests for information about the upcoming Quest for Glory 5. (I've got more letters here than Vanna White could possibly turn in a week.) So for the next few issues of InterAction On-Line, we'll be tossing in tidbits and teasers about this upcoming game. I'll start with the most popular questions. Yes, Lori and Corey Cole will be doing the initial design for the game. They're working on it right now. (It was a silly question, people. Like we'd do QfG5 without the Coles...) As to the game itself, it will be titled "Dragonfire," and all I'm going to tell you right now is that it's based on the previous games in terms of characters and story, it takes place in Silmaria, on an entirely new island, and... (insert drumroll here)... it's going to be multiplayer! Beat up your friends, share information, compete with them to see who can solve quests faster, or team up to defeat the really nasty monsters... the possibilities will be endless. Want more info? Well, you'll just have to wait until the next newsletter! (I'm too cruel for words...)" Sierra Newsletter