News by Al Giovetti

You've seen the ads in the magazines, you heard it mentioned on Westwood Chat, but what exactly is Command and Conquer Gold?

C&C Gold is the native Windows 95 version of C&C. In addition to the ease of install and setup that you get with Windows 95 native applications, you also get two very cool important features.

The first is brand new Super VGA graphics! Westwood has spared no expense to update the game to give you a sharper look, including a new icon bar with all new rendered buttons. The screen now gives you a much larger view of the map (four times as big!), so you can take in more of the action at once.

In addition to SVGA, C&C GOLD is now truly a game of global conflict. Players will find opponents from around the world to compete against using the Westwood Chat interface. Say goodbye to calling your Uncle Bob and arranging a game with a long-distance phone call. Now you can play anyone else in the world with the click of a button, courtesy of Westwood Studios!

C&C GOLD is fully compatible with C&C for DOS in both modem and IPX network play.

Also included with the game will be the Command and Conquer theme pack for Windows 95, which gives you animated icons, wallpaper and sound effects in three different themes (GDI, Nod and EVA). Look for C&C Gold by the end of this year.