Command & Conquer Red Alert News
News by Al Giovetti

The release date for Red Alert has jumped forward a few weeks. This is a very unusual occurrence for any software company. Westwood was consequently inundated with mail.

If you sent in a letter here is the scoop or buzz. Red Alert will be out in late October instead of early November, which is good news. According to souirces at Westwood, "Never fear! Red Alert is still on track for this Autumn. The test department is currently working hard on wiping out the last few bugs and ensuring that game play is well balanced. Built-in internet support is in and working great (and fast), but must still complete a required testing period as well. And, our game design department is also tweaking the last few missions. Unless earthquake, fire or flood prevent us from getting to work, Red Alert should make a mid/late November appearance on store shelves - long before the Christmas deadline that was rumored to exist!"

Well that is nice to hear.