Chris Roberts' Digital Anvil Signs With Microsoft news by Al Giovetti


, 06/10/97

By Al Giovetti

Developer: Digital Anvil

Publisher Microsoft

Chris Roberts' Digital Anvil Signs With Microsoft

The deal is a multi-year, exclusive publishing contract with media great, Microsoft. Considering that Robert's team left Origin because they felt that Origin was losing that small business feel, it is most curious that he signed a deal with Microsoft, one of the largest companies in the industry. Certainly Microsoft has the money, but Chris' they are not a small company.

Another thing Chris left Origin for was the lack of time to put new things in a game. At Origin Chris had nine months to put a game together. Microsoft has agreed to give Chris all the time he needs to make a game special.

Digital Anvil has assembled some of the game industry's top developers, as well as film director Robert Rodriguez (Director of "El Mariachi," "Desperado" and "From Dusk 'Til Dawn"), to develop on-line multi-player games and interactive movies, initially for the PC CD-ROM and later the DVD ROM. Chris has also recruited his brother, Erin Roberts (associate producer of "Strike Commander," producer of "Privateer" and creator/producer of "Privateer II: The Darkening"), Tony Zurovec (creator, producer and director of "Crusader: No Remorse" and its sequel, "Crusader: No Regret") and John Miles (responsible for the graphics technology in best-selling titles such as "PGA Tour Golf" and the "Wing Commander" line, as well as key components of Microsoft's DirectSound API). The company also intends to pursue linear opportunities for its interactive properties.

Chris Roberts' first game is a Privateer-style game with the working title of Freelancer. The 3D space action and exploration game will have heavy multiplayer aspects. He wants to come up with a unique storyline and plot to make the game different but just as good as his other efforts, but does not intend to abandon the space opera theme.

Zurovick is working on a shooter which will resemble car wars.

Silver Heart, which Chris was working on for EA, will not be abandoned. It is expected that Microsoft or Digital Anvil will buy the rights to the game from EA.

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