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Sudbury, Mass. -- August 25, 1998 -- Blue Fang Games, LLC today announced its formation as a company and that the development of its new role-playing game product is already underway.

The company's president and cofounder is Adam Levesque. Levesque was most recently the general manager of Papyrus Design Group, a Cendant Software company. Prior to holding that position, he was the executive producer at Papyrus for the Grand Prix Legends auto-racing game, and the producer and designer of both the NASCAR 1 & 2 racing games. The two NASCAR products have had combined sales of over 2 million units to date.

Levesque said, "Our goal at Blue Fang will be to offer a unique game-playing experience by bringing new ideas to the role-playing genre. We believe we have the talent and experience to do that."

Vice-President, Software Development and cofounder John Wheeler was the technical lead on the Grand Prix Legends product, as well as being technical lead on both NASCAR products, supervising over a dozen programmers in two locations. Wheeler has been programming and designing in the computer game industry since 1990, and is a graduate of Princeton University's computer science program.

In addition, Blue Fang has named Hank Howie Vice President, Marketing and Business Development. Howie was most recently General Manager, Internet for Restrac, Inc. Prior to that, he was Director of New Product & Business Development for GameSpace, the Ziff-Davis/AT&T Interchange game service, which provided the funding and design impetus for current online games such as SSI's Dark Sun multi-player game. In addition, Howie has held positions in sales management with Toshiba America Corporation and product management with Spinnaker Software.

At Papyrus, Levesque and Wheeler helped to produce and design what many believe are the most realistic auto-racing games on the market today. But they had also worked extensively on alternative game ideas in genres outside of racing. One concept in particular struck them as an unexplored, yet potentially rich, game idea. They both felt that now was the right time to move ahead to build a new style of role-playing game and a new game company devoted to the effort.

The two cofounders are confident in their ability to produce, develop, and ship quality products and hit release dates. They take the greatest pride in having shipped 3 top-ten titles in time for the Christmas selling season. "In an industry where you can sometimes measure slipping product schedules by years, we feel pretty good about our track record for delivering high-quality, best-selling games on time and within budget," said Wheeler.

In addition, Blue Fang has named Lou Catanzaro Art Director. Lou's artwork has appeared on everything from box designs to the 3-D track models and vehicles for a number of Papyrus products including IndyCar Racing II, NASCAR Racing 2, and the yet to be completed NASCAR Racing 3.

Blue Fang's founders and employees alike remain somewhat close-mouthed as to the specifics of their new game. "We don't want to give away too much this early," said Levesque. "When the time is right, we'll let everybody know."

About Blue Fang Games, LLC

Blue Fang Games develops advanced games for the PC. Their website is http://www.bluefang.com. . Adam Levesque












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