Zapitalism Interview

Zapitalism Review

Steve Hofman and Naomi Kokubo (SHNK): Al, Thanks for sharing a copy of the review (of Zapitalism - Ed.). We loved it! You seem to have the same sense of humor as we do.

Al Giovetti and Christine Chandler (AGCC): I love to think that we are alike in the sense of humor. That makes me feel very happy. By the way, my wife Christine and I work together out of our home just like you do. We teach college together, we team teach all our courses (two instructors per class), we also write together. She is a reviewer for some magazines as well. And yes I miss my wife terribly if we are ever separated. Sounds like we do have a few things in common. We heard about and would love to write something for your new online magazine.

SHNK: To answer your questions, there are high resolution images for magazine and/or web site articles on the Zapitalism CD-ROM under the /lavamind/zap/images directory. You are free to use these in conjuction with your article.

AGCC: We will gladly use your images, I will send them to our webmaster, Roland Hromek, right away. Thanks for agreeing to help flesh out the Zapitalism article with supplementation, corrections, screen shots, embellishments, and other information about the interface, music, sound effects, graphics, animation, voice actors, game play and other factors.

SHNK: Everything you wrote in your article seems correct as far as the above is concerned.

AGCC: Ahh, so most of my lies pass the smell test? Please help me get to the correct person with my questions. Please get me the correct names, email, fax, and direct phone for the correct public relations persons. Do you have an 800 or information number where people can call to order or get more information?

SHNK: We'd rather you didn't print our home phone number. :) But feel free to distribute our address, email address and web site information.

3627 Moraga St.
San Francisco, CA 94122

AGCC: Please make sure we get a final, shrink wrapped version of the game and the successive beta versions.

SHNK: Yes, we will definately do that. What mailing address should we send it to?

AGCC: Alfred Giovetti, 1615 Frederick Road, Catonsville, MD 21228-5022. Check out to see the addresses. We put up the site without art and I really would like to get some good art up on the site. We have an artist but he seems to be unhappy with some of the art programs that we got him.

SHNK: We are currently negotiating a deal with a major distributor. If all goes well, we should have the game on the store shelves by early next year.

AGCC: We can also do an interview via email, phone, or film an interview for broadcast on my television show.

SHNK: Yes, we'd be more than happy do that.

AGCC: Do you have access to a betacam SP camera? We can do the interview by phone with the cameraperson filming your end and recording you on channel A and me on channel B. Then mail the tpe to me and the florida television station WINQ - see address on website.

Steve and Naomi: P.S. We noticed one mistake in your article. Scott Udell of Computer Games Strategy Plus Magazine game Zapitalism 3 stars, not 60%. He seemed to enjoy the game from what we read.

AGCC: Hmmm, how would you convert 3/5 into a percentage? If you have some insight on this I will gladly change the conversion rates that I am using.

SHNK: We were wondering if it would be possible to mirror your final article on our web site with a link to your web site. If this is okay, please let us know. AGCC: Yes please mirror the final article and feel free to embellish freely with art from your game or make suggestions as to presentation. I can make that part of the article, by mentioning that you helped out with the layout, etc. What do you think?

SHNK Thanks again for getting in touch with us.

AGCC: Thank you again for your help and time sharing with us, our readers, and our audience