By Al Giovetti

Interview Questions for XIII Voice Talent: Eve

Q1: How much time did you spend working on XIII, both preparing and recording?

I really didnít know what to expect going into the recording session because Iíve never done anything like this. I thought I would come in do some lines and some sound effects, but I was surprised at the length and depth of XIIIís script. XIIIís story is extremely captivating -- no different to any movie script Iíve worked on. Probably the hardest part was trying to time my lines to synch up with the character on screen.

Q2: What was the motivation for your character in XIII?

Major Jones is strong, confident, sheís cute. She has an vulnerability when it comes to XIII, which is a good side to see some times. But usually sheís tough and strong and you know not to play with her. She can hold her own. She also saves XIII a number of times in the game, I like that about her.

Q3: Tell me how you identify with a strong woman whoís in the military whoís kicking ass against the guys?

I guess in my life itís that way too. Iím the only female of Rough Riders, which are a million guys. Iím always around a bunch of guys when Iím with them. Thatís just the way it is. Being in the business, itís a male dominated business, so as a female you have to come in and pretty much kick ass, you have to let people know Iím about my business and thatís it. There will be no games.

Q4: Did you get to play much of XIII? What did you think?

I havenít played XIII too much, just what I saw during the recording session. Iíve seen most of my parts in the game, and it looks really exciting with a lot of action. I am definitely interested to see how everything gets pieced together, I am not sure how the story ends because Ubi Soft didnít tell me, so it will be a nice surprise when I play the game.

I canít wait, I canít wait to play it myself because I want to hear myself. And Iím definitely going to recommend it to a lot of people, so go get the game!

Q5: With XIII and your recent and future film/TV projects, youíre clearly focusing more on your acting career than your music. Do you see yourself putting more emphasis on music again soon?

I actually came into acting by accident, but it was something I did with music all the time Ė performing is performing. Being involved in Barbershop and XxX opened a lot of doors for me. I am doing a TV series with UPN this Fall and shooting another movie, The Woodsman, with Kevin Bacon. I like acting, but music will always be my first passion, you will be seeing another release soon enough.

Thank you for talking with us.

Thank you for inviting me.


Review of XII by Al Giovetti and The Computer Show

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