By Al Giovetti

Interview Questions for XIII Voice Talent: Adam West

Q1: You're a Hollywood superstar -- what compelled you to get involved in a videogame project?

Iíd worked in all other aspects of show business except this. I was curious to do something important in this new exciting genre. Ubi brought me a great game for my first video game voice gig.

Q2: How much time did you spend working on XIII, both preparing and recording?

The recording session took all day, but I cooked with the material for a stretch before the session. XIIIís script is nice and dense so during the session we often record the lines a few different ways to get just the right take.

Q3: Did you get to play much of XIII? What did you think?

Not yet, Shatner stole my copy. No seriously, I didnít get to play too much, just what I saw during the recording session. Iíve seen all my parts in the game, and it looks really exciting with a lot of action. The visual style is really eye catching and the story has a lot of twists and turns.

Q4: What else are you working on these days?

Iím finishing a second book and I have a website called AdamWest.com -- run by some family members, thatís doing pretty well. And I just finished a movie with Mario Van Peebles about 2 weeks ago. IĎm doing a pilot for a series as well, Iím doing a lot of stuff. Voice overs, commercials and documentary stuff. I still got Ďem fooled kid, oh itís wonderful.


Review of XII by Al Giovetti and The Computer Show

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