Susan Branch Smith Interview on Screenwriting


By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

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Susan Branch Smith Interview on Screenwriting

Alfred C. Giovetti (AG): Thanks for being with us and sharing with us this great information on a brand new game

Susan Branch Smith (SS): Hey, Al, how are you?

AG: It does not seem that you use your AOL account any more?

SS: I do use the AOL account. . . the problem might have been that I get so much junk mail in there (accounts I don't recognize) that I might have accidentally deleted yours without reading it. I try to read the headers carefully before discarding them. . . usually they're trying to get me to buy something, date someone, etc.

AG: I was assigned a class to teach on the very night of your class. I figured with your strictness for attendance there was no way I could attend without being able to be there.

SS:As it turns out, the class was canceled because registration wasn't high enough. It's the first time in eight years.

AG: Can you suggest some reading on the writing course or could you send the syllabus. I would like to do some independent study on the area.

SS: I do recommend an out-of-print book on corporate scriptwriting -- it's called The Corporate Scriptwriting Book and it's by Donna Matrazzo. I've found that somehow can still deliver them. I'd be happy to send the syllabus if you like. . . it uses a couple of books that are a bit harder to find. . .and I've changed them anyway, at least for the Villa Julie course. Without the books, the syllabus might not make sense.

AG: Do you know any computer programs that helpyou write tv shows? Please suggest some.

SS: You're on a PC, right? You might go to this site and look around: Yahoo Screewriter Resources Also, check out these: Here's a URL for instructions to make your own screenwriting template: Screenwriting Template

Here's a cheap macro package for MS Word: Template

Here's a direct download of a MS Word template: Template

The site is cool, too: Template

And here's another: Template

But generally, for information-type shows you just need Microsoft Word or another good word processor. . . especially one that lets you write in a table format, so that you can change cells each time you change shots.

Best, Susan


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