By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

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Of Light and Darkness Interview with Gil Bruvel

An interview with Gil Bruvel, internationally famous visionary artist and the artistic force behind Interplay's new Of Light and Darkness game. The interview is conducted by our own Al Giovetti

Alfred C. Giovetti (AG): Gil Bruvel at Bruvel Editions bruvel@aol.com consented to giving us an interview on his work for Of Light and Darkness.

AG: Gil, I hope I can call you Gil, thanks for being with us and sharing with us this great information on a brand new game

Gil Bruvel@ Bruvel Editions: (GB): Thanks Al I am glad to be here .

AG: It is my impression that Gil is obsessed with the seventh millennium. Is this true?

GB: Actually it was the producer of the game, David Riordan, who was the obsessed one.

AG: How did the project with Gil Bruvel start?

GB:The Founder/President of Interplay, Brian Fargo, was collecting Gil's fine art work (paintings) through one of our dealers, at the time, in San Francisco. Gil had been working for about a year and a half with computers, a friend of ours was an editor at Electronic Entertainment magazine and also writes clue books for games. He kept bugging Gil to get a package together to make a presentation to do a game, but Gil was hesitant about the medium. So he said at least let him do an article on his work in the magazine. Gil agreed and a few months later an article ran on his computer graphics in Electronic Entertainment. The same month that article came out Brain Fargo was browsing through the magazine looking at his company's ads, flipped the page of one of his ads and on the following pages was the article on Gil's 3D graphics. Brian called his art dealer in San Francisco and asked if was the same guy whose paintings he'd been collecting and the dealer confirmed it. Brian called Gil's studio the same day and about two months later a deal was struck to create a game based on Gil's work. The rest is history.......

AG: Did you play the game?

GB: Yes, we've played the game.

AG: What is your impression of the game?

GB: Fun, lots of fun and great to look at (if you don't mind us saying so :)...) It's kind of hard game play, but then again we're not hard core gamers. We've received, and are still receiving, a load of email through our web site from people who have purchased the game. They have been very enthusiastic, offering a lot of praise to Gil for his work, the game, etc.... It's one of the greatest things that any artist can ever hope to achieve, which is compliments and praise from fans. Encouragement to keep it up!

AG: Did the game turn out the way you wanted it?

GB: That's an interesting question. We weren't sure how it was going to turn out because the story changed a couple of times, as well as the writers, and producers (three times.) So, actually it was fun to play it for the first time because we didn't really know exactly what to expect. We are pleased with the outcome. It was a long road. *

AG: Thanks for being with us and sharing with our viewers.

GB: Anything else, let me know! Cheers!


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