By Al Giovetti
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The IF-22 Raptor and Interactive Magic's Lynne Beaman

This is the transcript of a short interview we had with Lynne Beaman of Interactive Magic on Thursday, April 17, 1997 at 9:50 AM.

Alfred C. Giovetti (AG): Thanks for being with us and sharing with us this great information on a brand new game

Lynne Beaman (LB): Thanks for having me again on your show, Al.

AG: Isn't Raptor a new game title for the original IF-22 Lightning and when can we expect to see this new game?

LB: Al.... F22 won't ship until June.

AG: Can you tell me something about the product?

LB: I have a few tweeks to the story I'd like you tell you and your audience about.

AG: Why the new name?

LB: The name of the game is: iF-22 Raptor. This is also the name of the real plane 'Raptor'. They announced this last week in Marietta, Georgia. We sent several members of our F22 team to the rollout...this would make a nice side bar story...story and photos are already up at www.imagicgames.com...just follow the link from our front page to the the raptor launch..

AG: What is the expected price of the product?

LB: The MSRP is $54.95.

AG: Who is the game developer?

LB: The developer is Magic Labs NOT DIGITAL INTEGRATION..boy if our guys read this they'll go bonkers. Better change this fast! ;)

AG: Was Bill involved in the production?

LB: The producers include "Wild Bill" Stealey, Doug Kubel and Mike McCoy.

AG: We had originally thought that the game would include the Grand Canyon, Persian Gulf, Ukrane, and Bosnia. Can you tell us what theatres will be included?

LB: There are only three locations not the four reported originally, including Ukraine, Persian Gulf and Bosnia only. The Grand Canyon...that was just an early demo.

AG: That is really unfortunate about the Grand Canyon, I really wanted to see the Grand Canyon in the final game. What are the flight characteristics like?

LB: The flight characteristics are based on the real F-22 flight model. Much research was done to ensure this is as accurate as possible. The team visited Lockheed's Concept Demonstrator twice and had an outside agency that does flight modeling for the federal government do the flight model based on all of the unclassified information available on the real F-22.

AG: How many missions can you fly?

LB: The missions are unlimited. With Dynamic mission generator you have upwards of 20,000 possible combinations for missions. Missions include Strike, Deep Strike, Combat Air Patrol, etc.

AG: Can you tell us more about the game features?

LB: The features include the F-22 which is not the only stealthy aircraft. The F-117 and the B-1 Bomber have stealth features too. Also, you have our name wrong in a review you recently wrote....you wrote Imagination Magic. Cute, but it's not us! ;)

AG: Yes I have had that problem with your name ever since you started your company. I think it started when I visited your new facility in North Carolina in 1995. Can you tell us about the graphics?

LB: The graphics are prepared with digital elevation models...that's what creates the look and feel of the terrain. These are the accurate elevation models of these areas. Then we've applied satellite data from those areas to the 3D models. So you're having a simulated battle over the REAL Bosnia. This is the first time a computer game has used this much real terrain in a game. We call this new technology DEMON-1...which stands for Digital Elevation Model Optimization Number One. DEMON not only renders a 3D foreign terrain, but it does this quickly...transferring the data to your monitor at the speed at which the aircraft flies.

AG: A good flight simulator has a difficulty matrix so that pilots of different skill levels and play styles can still fly the game and enjoy it. Difficulty is more a matter of accessability and playability than a macho contest with the machine. What have you done to make the game more accessable?

LB: There are several levels of difficulty...from easy to veteran.

AG: What about multiplayer options?

LB The game can be played over LAN, Serial connection, and phone Modem with up to 8 players.

AG: Thanks for coming Lynne and we hope to continue this tradition with Interactive Magic by having you back again soon with another great Interactive Magic, or was that Imagination Magic, product.

LB: Thanks Al. I hope this helps your audience to understand our new exciting IF-22 Raptor. Bye all.


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