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Ultima Online Survival Guide

  1. Always make sure you keep your head when killed and get the names of your killers. Write the names down with the correct spelling including the case used for each letter (note which letters are upper and which are lower case.).
  2. Report all attacks to the anti-pk groups that you know, such as bck.
  3. Make sure that you put a price on their heads by reporting them to OSI when given the opportunity.
  4. Develop an effective escape strategy...When encountered with overwhelming odds, run, recall, teleport, or gate! The PKs do, so why are you so foolish?
  5. Be a member of a powerful, anti-PK guild, like BCK, and call on your brothers and sisters to help you through an on-line-real-time messaging system, such as ICQ or MIRC.
  6. Never adventure alone, always have friends to back you up... PKs are cowards and avoid encounters with groups.
  7. Learn to hide or use invisibility spells or both.
  8. Use cover whenever possible. Stay under trees, eaves of houses and other camoflage constantly. If they cannot see you they cannot kill you.
  9. Use the allnames key to keep track of who is near you and their alignment. Red names kill you.
  10. Some PKs kill then go off somewhere and improve their alignment before killing again, or use the Incognito spell, so be careful of those with neutral or even noble names.
  11. Sometimes the names of PKs give them away. BCK keeps a list of all known pks. PKs often have "smart ass" type names.
  12. Don't trust anyone you do not know. Be cautious of all strangers, even if they seem friendly. Many PKs say something to trap you like. I need your help, or I was just PKed.
  13. Know your surroundings at all times. Know where your escape routes to nearby guarded areas are, and use them...



  1. From: Alexander alexander@enter.net
    Subject: Re: baby jesus... Im sorry for being so hostile in my letter, i hope you understand i was upset. When i was killed i lost magic plate armor, all but the hands and helm were magic, and i lost my house key also so i hope you understand why i was mad. The names of the people who killed me were, Skelldrone (not sure of spelling) and lady dragon something, (imsorry not sure of her name). hope that helps.
  2. From: DJAstifur, cia50@hotmail.com
    can you please send me info on your organization my character's name is Helen Hunt she is on the cheasapeake server i am also in a guild (stormbringers). last night i was attacked by Sir Lefty Righty outside of brittin he was wearing plate an he was a mage a dark lord anyway i am sick of being attacked and looted . I have been attecked 8 times now and i am sick of running everytime this occurs i am alone. I try not to be but sometimes it happens where the others are somewhere else and i have to run to them ..... i am an expert mace fighter 79.8 str 50 dext 20 i want to find out info on your organization to rid the server of these cowards my email to send info at is cia50@hotmail.com
  3. BCK Knights

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