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Ultima Online Spells

Spell Guide

    I. First Circle
  1. Wis Uus (Bird's Eye) Blood Moss Nightshade
  2. Uus Jux (Clumsy) Blood Moss Nightshade Single Creature lowers Dex
  3. In Mani Ylem (Create Food) Mandrake Garlic Genseng
  4. Rel Wis (Feeblemind) Genseng Nightshade Single Creature lowers Int
  5. In Mani (Heal) Healing dependent on Mage skill
  6. In Por Ylem (Magic Arrow) Black Pearl Nightshade
  7. In Lor (Light) Spider Silk Sulfrous Ash
  8. Des Mani (Weaken) Garlic Nightshade reduces Str of one target
    II. Second Circle
  1. Ex Uus (Agility) Blood Moss Mandrake Root increases one target's agility
  2. Uus Wis (Cunning) Mandrake Root Nightshade increases one target's intelligence
  3. An Nox (Cure) Garlic Genseng neutralizes poison (Nox).
  4. An Mani (Harm) Nightshade Spider's Silk reduces one target's hit points
  5. In Jux (Magic Trap) Garlic Genseng Nightshade explosive trap on use of item
  6. An Jux (Remove Trap) Bloodmoss Sulphrous Ash removes explosive trap (In Jux)
  7. Uus Sanct (Protection) Garlic Genseng Sulphrous Ash protects from physical attack
  8. Uus Mani (Strength) Mandrake Root Genseng increases creature's strength

    III. Third Circle

  1. Rel Sanct (Bless) Garlic Mandrake Root increases health, agility and strength
  2. Vas Flam (Fireball) Black Pearl Sulfrous Ash more damage than flame arrow
  3. An Por (Magic Lock) Sulfrous Ash Blood Moss Garlic locks so that thieves cannot open
  4. In Nox (Poison) Nightshade poisons one target
  5. Ort Por Ylem (Telekinesis) Blood Moss Mandrake Root manipulate targets without touch
  6. Rel Por (Teleport) Blood Moss Mandrake Root teleport to any place on the screen
  7. Ex Por (Unlock) Blood Moss Sulfrous Ash, unlocks magically locked (An Por) items
  8. In Sanct Ylem (Wall of Stone) Blood Moss Garlic used on open patch of land not on objects or creatures

    IV. Fourth Circle
  1. Vas An Nox (Archcure) Garlic Genseng Mandrake Root cures creatures at target and around it
  2. Vas Uus Sanct (Archprotection) Garlic Genseng Mandrake Root Sulfrous Ash Uus Sanct area spell
  3. Des Sanct (Curse) Garlic Nightshade Sulfrous Ash reduces health, skill, agility, and intelligence
  4. In Flam Grav (Fire Field) Black Pearl, Spider Silk Sulfrous Ash, stationary flame wall
  5. In Vas Mani (Greater Heal) Garlic Genseng Mandrake Root Spider Silk increases more health points
  6. Por Ort Grav (Lightning) Black Pearl Mandrake Root Sulfrous Ash powerful electrical bolt
  7. Ort Rel (Mana Drain) Black Pearl Mandrake Root Spider Silk drains all mana from target difficult spell whose best defense is magic reflection
  8. Kal Ort Por (Recall) Black Pearl Mandrake Root Blood Moss allows you to recall to a site set with Kal Por Ylem (6)
    V. (5) Fifth Circle.
  1. In Jux Hur Ylem (Blade Spirits) Black Pearl Mandrake Nightshade hit closest enemy with many knives
  2. An Grav (Dispel Field) Black Pearl Spider Silk Sulfrous Ash removes magic field
  3. Kal In Ex (Incognito) Blood Moss Garlic Nightshade makes object look neutral to observers
  4. In Jux Sanct (Magic Reflection) Garlic Mandrake Root Spider Silk reflects only one spell
  5. Por Corp Wis (Mind Blast) Black Pearl Mandrake Root Nightshade Sulfrous Ash the less intelligent of the two is harmed
  6. An Ex Por (Paralyze) Garlic Mandrake Root Spider Silk paralyzes target
  7. In Nox Grav (Poison Field) Black Pearl Nightshade Spider Silk temporary poison wall
  8. Kal Xen (Summon Creature) Blood Moss Mandrake Root Spider Silk summon random creature
    VI (6) Sixth Circle.
  1. An Ort (Dispel) Garlic Mandrake Root Sulfrous Ash banishes undead, and at higher levels deamon or elemental
  2. Corp Por (Energy Bolt) Black Pearl Nightshade
  3. Vas Ort Flam (Explosion) Black Pearl Mandrake Root Sulfrous Ash explosion at designated location
  4. An Lor Xen (Invisibility) Blood Moss Nightshade temporary
  5. Kal Por Ylem (Mark) Black Pearl Blood Moss Mandrake Root
  6. Vas Des Sanct (Mass Curse) Garlic Mandrake Nightshade Sulfrous Ash Des sanct area spell
  7. In Ex Grav (Paralyze Field) Black Pearl Genseng Spider Silk paralysis wall
  8. Wis Quas (Reveal) Blood Moss Sulfrous Ash reveal invisable or hidden creatures or objects
    VII. (7) Seventh Circle.
  1. Vas Ort Grav (Chain Lightning) Black Pearl Blood Moss Mandrake Root Sulfrous Ash lightning area spell hits target and everything surrounding it
  2. In Sanct Grav (Energy Field) Black Pearl Mandrake Sulfrous Ash Spider Silk electrical field
  3. Kal Vas Flam (Flamestrike) Spider Silk Sulfrous Ash pilar of fire on one object
  4. Vas Rel Por (Gate Travel) Black Pearl Mandrake Root Sulfrous Ash red teleport gate to location marked on object of recall
  5. Ort Sanct (Mana Vampire) Black Pearl Blood Moss Garlic Mandrake Root Spider Silk Sulfrous Ash difficult spell resistance high best defense is magic reflection
  6. Vas An Ort (Mass Dispel) Black Pearl Garlic Mandrake Root Sulfrous Ash area undead dispel will dispell deamon or elemental better
  7. Kal Des Flam Ylem (Meteor Swarm) Blood Moss Spider Silk Mandrake Root Sulfrous Ash
  8. Vas Ylem Rel (Polymorph) Blood Moss Mandrake Root Spider Silk cannot control the target polymorph
    VII. (8) Eighth Circle.
  1. In Vas Por (Earthquake) Blood Moss Genseng Mandrake Root Sulfrous Ash
  2. Vas Corp Por (Energy Vortex) Black Pearl Blood Moss Mandrake Root Nightshade harms poisens and curses
  3. An Corp (Resurrection) Blood Moss Garlic Ginseng
  4. Kal Vas Xen Hur (Summon Air Elemental) Blood Moss Mandrake Root Spider Silk temporary
  5. Kal Vas Xen Corp (Summon Daemon) Blood Moss MR SS SA
  6. Kal Vas Xen Ylem (Summon Earth Elemental) BM MR SS
  7. Kal Vas Xen Flam (Summon Fire Elemental) BM MR SS SA
  8. Kal Vas Xen An Flam (Summon Water Elemental) BM MR SS

All alchemists are able to create at least eight distinct potions, each one derived primarily from one of the eight reagents.

  1. From the BLACK PEARL is brewed a RED potion of REFRESHMENT (stamina).
  2. From BLOODMOSS is brewed a BLUE potion to increase AGILITY.
  3. From GARLIC is brewed a BLACK potion which strikes the drinker BLIND.
  4. From GINSING is brewed a YELLOW potion virtuous for the HEALING of wounds.
  5. From MANDRAKE is brewed a WHITE potion for the enhancement of bodily STRENGTH.
  6. From NIGHTSHADE is brewed a GREEN tincture of most deadly POISON.
  7. From SPIDER SILK is brewed an ORANGE draught of SLEEP.
  8. From SULPHUROUS ASH is brewed a volatile PURPLE mixture which produces a formidable EXPLOSION. While the alchemist's laboratory customarily contains a copious selection of tools and vessels, a skilled alchemist in truth needs little more than the proper reagent and a vessel to hold the finished distillation in order to create any of the potions here listed. LI>Wis Uus


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