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Ultima Online Skills

Different actions that require artifacts

  1. Hiding: right doubleclick on hiding in the skills menu, or set up a macro.
  2. Begging: right double click on begging in the skills menu, then right click once on the NPC that you want to beg from, beggars and nobles make the best shills for begging.
  3. Cooking: whittle (double click on knife in inventory and single click on wood in inventory)on wood to get kindling or just find it in the forest or town. You will get whittling if you are a poor whittler or arrows, bows, and bolts if you are a good whittler. Double click on the camping skill in your skills menu and single click the target on the whittling to start a fire. Double click on the raw meat and single click the target on the fire to cook it. When the meat is successfully cooked you will get a message that it "smells good" or something, if not the message is "cooking failed."
  4. Fletching: right double click on axe, then right click target once on a tree trunk,as the skill increases you will cut a log that goes in your inventory. Right double click on your knife then right click the target once on the log in your inventory to whittle the log into arrow shafts, if successful you will get to choose bow, arrow shafts and whittling. If not successful you will get whittling in your inventory. Select shafts then select arrows or bolts by right double clicking on the menu. TAB to go to war. Double right click on birds to kill them in battle. Double click on knife in inventory, right click the target on the dead bird to get meat and feathers. Double right click on the feathers, then click the target once on the arrow shafts to put the feathers on. Now you have fletched arrows or bolts.
  5. Sewing clothes: Right double click on sewing basket, and click the target once on cloth. Menu will pop up with shirts, pants, or boots. Selecting boots will give you four choices from shoes to hip boots.
  6. Sewing leather: Right double click on sewing kit (obtain sewing kit from sewer) and click the target once on leather pelt piles with string - not the bear hides which look like rugs. The hides which look round and piled up are the result of using your knife (double click on knife then single click target on dead animal.) on animals you have killed in battle. The pelts thus produced along with meat by fighting cows, bulls, llamas, etc., but not bears which produce rug-like hides not suitable for sewing. Selecting armor will give you the choice of female armor, studded leather, and leather. Picking studded leather or leather will give you choice of chest, arms, legs, and gorget (throat).
  7. Mining ore requires a shovel or pick, Double click on shovel or pick and single click the target repeatedly at the interface between a mountain and the ground at the edge. The dialog boxes should tell you whether you have the right place and whether there is usable ore their. If you "shift rocks but failed to produce useable ore" you mined in the right place, since there is ore here. If it says "you cannot mine here," you are mining in the wrong place, there is no ore here.
  8. Making cloth: Kill a sheep in battle or find a living sheep. Double click on the knife in inventory and single click the target on the sheep. You will get meat and wool, if sheep is dead. If sheep is living, you get wool and sheep lives to make more. Killing sheep is dumb. Take the wool to a clothier in town and double click on the wool in inventory and single click the target on the spinning wheel to spin wool into yarn. Double click on the yarn in inventory and single click on the spindle at the loom to weave cloth. Make sure you have at least 4 to 5 balls of yarn or the loom will reset itself and you will loose everything. So get a lot of yarn 8 0r 9 balls before going to the loom. The loom will put a bolt of cloth in your inventory. Double click on the sewing kit.
  9. Music: double click on the instrument. This improves music skill.
  10. Enticement: Double click on instrument. Single click target on the NPC you want to entice. Does not work on PCs.
  11. Peacemaking: Double click on peacekeeping then single click target on instrument.


See Macros for more efficient ways to use skills

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