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Ultima Online Potions by Al Giovetti

You mix potions by clicking on the mortar then clicking on a reagent. The possible strength of the potions will show up on the graphic menu that pops up. Depending upon skill you mak make greater, lesser or regular strength potions.

The one problem with potions is that potions do not come labelled as greater, lesser or regular strength, just the color of the potion. You can not identify potions. And even if you make the potion you cannot label it with the strength for later reference.

Unlike spells, the strength of potions is not proportional to your skill, or does not scale with relation to your skill. The only effect of skill is on the chance of whether you fail or succeed in makin the potion. In magic spells the magic skill also determines the strength of the spell in addition to the chances of success or failure. It is illogical to deal with potions differently than spells.

This is illogical and an incorrect way to deal with potions. A more acceptable situation would be the more skill the less reagent is needed to make it and the more powerful for the amount of reagen used. It is illogical to think that someone with a skill of 99 in making potions would make them the same as someone with a skill of 25, when making a poison potion. There should also be lesser, greater, and regular potions of every type along with scalable potencies within each category related to skill.

Potions are activated by double clicking on them. Double clicking will bring up a crosshair. Potions that are drunk you click the crosshairs on the person you want to drink. Potions that explode, you click the crosshairs on the target for the explosion.

  1. Refresh: Red Potion: takes 1 Black Pearl, requires no minimum skill, restores 25% of lost fatigue
  2. Total Refreshment: Red Potion, takes 5 Black Pearl, requires 50 alchemy skill, removes all fatigue
  3. Agility: Blue Potion: takes 1 Blood Moss, requires 40 alchemy skill, improves dexterity by 10 for 30 seconds
  4. Greater Agility: Blue Potion: takes 3 Blood Moss, requires 60 alchemy skill, improves dexterity by 20 for 30 seconds
  5. Nightsight: Black Potion: Takes 1 garlic, requires no minimum skill, lets you see in the dark until the lighting around you gets brighter
  6. Lesser Heal, Yellow Potion: Takes 1 Genseng, requires no minimum skill, heals 3-10 hit points
  7. Heal, Yellow Potion: Takes 3 Genseng, requires 40 Alchemy skill, heals 6-20 hit points
  8. Greater Heal, Yellow Potion: Takes 7 Genseng, requires 80 Alchemy skill, heals 9-30 hit points
  9. Strength, White Potion: takes 2 Mandrake, requires 50 Alchemy skill, increases strength by 10 for 30 seconds
  10. Greater Strength, White Potion: takes 5 Mandrake, requires 70 Alchemy skill, increases strength by 20 for 30 seconds
  11. Poison, Green Potion, takes 1 Nightshade, requires 25 Alchemy skill, gradually reduces your hit points over several minutes, but does not kill.
  12. Greater Poison, Green Potion, takes 3 Nightshade, requires 50 Alchemy skill, reduces hit points, strength and dexterity over several minutes, but does not kill.
  13. Cure or Sleep, Orange Potion, takes 1 Spider Silk, requires no minimum skill, counteracts poison by helping the victem sleep it off.
  14. Lesser Explosion, Purple Potion, takes 2 Sulfrous Ash, requires 30 Alchemy skill, explodes causing 5-10 hit points damage.
  15. Explosion, Purple Potion, takes 5 Sulfrous Ash, requires 60 Alchemy skill, explodes causing 10-20 hit points damage.
  16. Greater Explosion, Purple Potion, takes 10 Sulfrous Ash, requires 90 Alchemy skill, explodes causing 20-40 hit points damage.




  1. From: John Ray johnnyray@mwonline.net
    How do you make potions with reagents? on UO? and do those potions that make you stronger make your str go up 1 per potion?
  2. From: John Ray johnnyray@mwonline.net
    thanks alot but there is one last question i must ask.... how do you throw a potion that explodes at a target?
  3. From: John Ray johnnyray@mwonline.net
    hi i have one last question i have about 3 purple potions but how do i throw them at those dumb pks?
    Answer: John you need to read the fifth paragraph on the potion page above. You double click on the potion and then click the crosshairs on your target. Explosion potions are area effect and will hit more than one target, so be careful you don't hurt your noteriety.
  4. From: Greg Reynolds gregr@adnc.com
    Good article but I would change the below remark about "not proportional" somehow as it is tied to skill level, but does not scale which is what you are reporting.
  5. From: John Ray johnnyray@mwonline.net
    what does your cure sleep or orange potion whatever youw ant to call it how much alchemy skill do you need to make it? Answer: Cure cures poison and requires no skill to make...

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