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Ultima Online Frequently Asked Questions

    From: Sir Thyfur I loved the previous Ultima's. Specially Ultima III. I have thought about getting UO for awhile now, but have heard many different things about it. I was hoping you could answer my question if you have the time.

  1. What is the online cost?
    The cost is about $10 per month.
  2. If roving Pkillers are going to track me down how can I safeguard my charater until he gets high enough level?
    You need to develop your ability to cast the spell recall. This requires that you start a character with at least 50 magery so that you can do this. Recall allows you to get out of trouble when trapped by recalling into a town where you are safe. You also need to develop your hide skill up to about 50-60 which is an easy macro where you can leave the computer on and leave your character in town and let him macro overnight without too much trouble he can get to 50-60 skill level. Another essential is to join a good guild like The Brotherhood of the Crimson Knights or bck (www.bck.org) who you can travel with and help train with. If you travel with at least two other players, most player killers will leave you alone. Training up to the higher levels requires that you spar or fight with humans which you cannot do without loosing reputation in the game. A bad reputation can get you killed by player killers and ignored by town store clerks, causing you to not have necessary items for your character. Getting a program like UOAssist will furthur increase your survivability. UOAssist is available from Tugsoft for $14.95.
  3. Can you "hire" bodyguards, like other "good" PCs to help out.
    Yes you can hire bodyguards for a fee and the best bodyguard is a mage who can attack from a distance. When using a body guard have the body guard first follow and then attack or kill one person attacking you. This will eliminate one of your threats.
  4. Can you play multicharater, different races, different classes/proffestion? Yes, you can play up to five characters per account.
  5. Can more than one person use the same account (like my wife)? Yes but you still only get five characters per account. A downside to this is that you and your wife cannot play at the same time. You need two accounts to play together.
  6. Any addition info you can give me to make an informative desicion would be very helpful. (Like the best severs, who to talk, whatever). In order to play with the bck you will have to play on either atlantic or napa since that is where they are located. But the best server is usually determined by the server with the best connection to limit or reduce latency or lag.

    Sir Thyfur.

  7. PS Sorry about your son's bad experiance with UO, maybe if all of the lowy PC (or new ones) could band together til higher "level" or work as a coop group that would solve the problem.
    That is why they have guilds to have an organization that can actively fight the player killers, protect their players by playing together in groups of greater than three, and mount rescue operations when someone is killed to salvage possessions, pursue the perpetrators, and provide money and items when in need. UO requires cooperation and guilds provide an organized structure for survival.


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