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Suggestions to improve the buying and selling:

Buying and selling objects
  1. There are many shopkeepers in each shop. Talk to all of them to get the full range of what they sell or buy.
  2. In a tavern (wine and bread logo on sign) there is a cook that will buy meat and wine cooked or uncooked. There are waiters and others who will buy wine.
  3. some stores, taverns, and inns buy fish, get a fishing pole stand next to the water, double click on the pole, click the target in the water. Fish will appear at your feet. Fish sell for 2 gold. Perhaps more when Origin figures out economics. Since economists have never figured it out in over 5,000 years of civilization, it will be a miracle if Origin figures it out by introduction.

Suggestions to improve buying and selling

  1. Stores in the beta test run out of money 15 minutes after a reset.
  2. Origin wants to fix it by having shop keepers pay less and less for items until they are overloaded and will not pay anything.
  3. Restricting what shops pay based on suppy will further restrict cash flow and freeze markets earlier.
  4. Origin needs to also sell the items for less and less until the items sell enough to replenish cash flow. When an item does not sell, unless the item is very valuable and you are waiting for a buyer of sufficient wealth, for example in gem sales, you lower the price until it does sell. "Cash flow is king."
  5. Sales of items that will spoil (perishables) accelorate this discounting as the items loose freshness.
  6. There seems to be very little consumption of food or need to buy it. You do not need to force the consumption of food by introducing starvation. You need only make food advantageous to eat, increase stats temporarily or help to augment skill increases.
  7. Introducing starvation may lead to a mutiny. People do not like starvation in adventure games and often want infinite bags of food and water to be found and save them the trouble. This would make eating punitive to the younger players, and still not move the food fast enough.
  8. Non player characters (NPCs) could develop habits of regular meals to consume the food, which would leave food optional for player characters. This would keep the money moving.
  9. Putting food consumption in the game for evil characters would encourage cannabalism, which would really be evil, or the orcs would have to grow their own or make deals to purchase more ordinary human food like deer steaks from human vendors on the black market Giving really bad guys someone to sell the stuff to.
  10. Origin you need to talk to an economist or an accountant. Do you have any that can help you or do I need to volunteer?


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