By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

Top Gun Fire At Will Hints

    Top Gun Fire At Will

    Use the object viewer to locate guns on the airbases for the recon missions and the patrol boat strafings. These missions are quite lethal, but guns only fire to the rear on patrol boats, and triple-A is missing on the same side of every airbase in the game. Take the recon pictures prior to passing over a target while approaching from the side without AAA. Wait for the PIP to pop and pull to the left and bug out before passing over the target and you will survive.

    Use T to lock up the target in the virtual cockpit view to simulate keeping an eye on the bandit during a dogfight.

    Practice dogfighting with the instant action, infinite enemies mission, which starts with you versus a Tomcat "in the elbow" of a dogfight. This perfect position will allow you to practice closing in for a shot.

    Trade altitude for position, let gravity increase speed and pull you around faster; then get a quick, glancing shot while turning, and then finish your weakened opponent off. Damage affects enemies and friendlies proportionately, making a partially damaged plane easier to finish off.

    The easy flight model only differs from the realistic model by having a max G of 8 rather than the 7 for realistic and slightly more powerful engines.

    Planes on runway can be shot with guns or sidewinders.

    To skip missions, you must edit the save game file, which is not encrypted, so use any file editor, such as edit in dos. Files have the following sequence: 2 3 16 1289.9934564 or 1 10 34 1268.8822779. The first number in the sequence is the theater (0=Miramar, 1=Cuba, 2=Korea, and 3=Lybia). The second number is the number of the mission that will be played next. (Miramar has 10 missions. Cuba has 11 missions. Korea has 12 missions. And Lybia has 11 missions.) The third number in the sequence is the number of kills and the fourth number is your score in the game. All numbers must be separated by spaces, so norton diskeditor will not work well as an editor.


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