Title:Tex Murphy: Overseer Prima's Official Strategy Guide
Review By: Al Giovetti
Price:$20 US
Genre:Adventure game hint book
Author:Rick Barba
Pages: 240
Item List: Full
Puzzle Solutions:All
Making the Game:
Publisher: Prima
Phone: 916-632-4400
Website: www.primapublishing.com

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Tex Murphy: Overseer Hints

    Was it Murder?

    Inside, discover:
    All Expert Level Puzzle Solutions
    An Annotated Walkthrough for Every Day
    A List of all Items and their Locations
    the Original Screenplay for the Game

    About the Author
    Rick Barba is the author of Myst: The Official Strategy Guide the bestselling strategy guide of all time. He has also written Riven: The Sequel to Myst The Official Strategy Guide, Outlaws: The Official Strategy Guide, Warlords III: The Official Strategy Guide, and other Prima game titles.


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