Review By: Al Giovetti
Genre: hint book
Author: Rick Barba and Kip Ward
Pages: 253
Index: no
Maps: yes
Puzzle Solutions: yes
Making the Game: profile of creative team
Publisher: Prima
Website: www.primapublishing.com
Requirements:The ability to read

Outlaws: The Official Strategy Guide

This book contains all the elements you will need to succeed in Outlaws including 18 pages on the multiplayer strategy. The book describes the weapons, the bad guys, and the maps in painstaking detail. The maps are well described in the text, and plenty sufficient to not only finish the game, but to also find all the nooks and crannies that make games fun.

Rick Barba and Kip Ward are not novices in this area, both have written several books and show a sense of style, organization, and clarity of writing needed for a clue book. You don't want the clues to be vague or slippery when you are stuck. These guys deliver.

The hint book says gives complete descriptions of the clubhouses for deputys, sherifs, and marshals. I especially liked the solution to the almost impossible Indiana Jones puzzle area in the Marshal Clubhouse. I have tried several times and while I can get the idol from the pedestal, I cannot get back out to my horse. Come on guys. Can you really complete this ultimate Outlaws quest, or should I just give up.

If the book has a downside it is in the sections on the making of the game, and in the biographies of the writers. When considering to buy a book, you want to know more about the authors, what they have written before, and something about what they are like as persons. The other area which I find most entertaining is a behind the sceens feature with details on how the game was made. The book does not deliver in this area.

The other area of deficiency is the making of the game. While the two pages of biographical information on the game creative team at Lucas Arts was good, the readers really wanted more on how the game was made. Other than the two faults, the official strategy guide does its work. Here are some hints from its pages:

  1. Crouch
  2. Use a scope
  3. grab ammo and use it sparingly
  4. use shots to stop enemies from throwing dynamyte, especially useful in killing Dynamite Dick
  5. Always keep one finger poised on the Reload key.
  6. Never run into a room with guns blazing. Instead, throw some blazing dynamite to clean up first.

Company line: It's a hell of a thing, kill'n a man. . . When gritting your teeth and an itchy trigger finger ain't enough, grab for the guide that dispenses more justice than Colt's Peacemaker. Inside are:

The ways to bring 'em in . . .Dead or Alive
Lethal applications for everything from hog-legs to scatterguns
Complete maps for true grit marshals
Locations for all those stinking badges

Don't just sit around the campfire tell'n tall tales while cowards shoot ya in the back. Get the Strategy Guide that's more wanted than Butch and Sundance's Hole in the Wall Gang -- 'cuz burying's too good for 'em.


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