Multiplayer Game Hints and Cheats


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Multiplayer Game Hints and Cheats

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you know Any Multiplayer Game Cheats?
  1. From: Ryan Emge Is there any way to cheat in a multi-player game? ANS: There are a lot of ways to cheat multiplayer games, but the companies that make the games are constantly updating the games to get around the cheats. These cheats last days or even hours and we rarely find out about them until after they no longer work. The cheats and cheaters are almost immediately reported by players and corrected by the game company. The corrections are either banning the cheaters, unless they work for the company, or changing the code so they do not work anymore. Publishing these cheats is not practical, unless you can find some for us that cannot be fixed? Those people that program and distribute multiplayer games do not want you to cheat. So they are thwarting the cheats. (except the cheats they make themselves when they play - The game programmers use them!)
  2. From: Chris Iversen I recently downloaded the dune 2000 trainer +11. It worked fine before I upgraded the version of the game. When i went on to westwood chat to play over the internet, i needed to get the latest version and the trainer did not work after that, in single play games and internet games. I realize that this is not a problem with the trainer. I was wondering if you were making a new trainer for the newer version of Dune 2000? I was also wondering if the version was correct, was the trainer +11 meant to work in multi player games? Thank you for your time, Chris Iversen ANS: Multi-player games keep track of cheats and upgrade their game versions to defeat them. People who play multiplayer games try to identify cheats and eliminate them from the games. Unless, of course, those cheats are employees of the game company or the multiplayer network. There have been cases which are documented where employees cheat online. It is very frustrating for an "honest" game player to run into a cheat online. It is one of the reasons why I will no longer play Ultilma Online.


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