Montezuma's Return Hints


Review By: Al Giovetti
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Montezuma's Return Hints

  1. From: OLEPAINT57@AOL.COM I have the game MONTEZUMA'S RETURN and would like to know if you can give me a little help or direct me to where I can get the help? I like the game very much and I am about 80% completed with it, but I am stuck in one area. Towards the end of the Tiger or lion den. This is the one where you jump on the turtles backs. I am at the ent of this where you jump on a balloon type swing and ride down over water. I can not figure out what I am to do. I've dropped on the one ledge and jumped up to the next one using the platforms. I stand on the platform with the yellow triangles but nothing happens. Also I am playing this in VGA and at the bottom of the screen is a snail. Can you tell me what that is for? It is at an area where you bounse up from the water to a platform. Here there is two yellow triangles where you jump and swing on a bar that has a round balloon above it. It then moves downward but I'm not sure where I jump off or what I do next. Help! Joe
  2. From: Jean Mallard, Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 1999 7:26 PM Subject: hints What happen to the Monterzuma's Return Hints? All you have there is a question asked by someone. Why want anyone give out hints about this game? Every where I look they do something like this. They say there is a walkthrough or hints then don't give out with them. You put out nice hints & walkthroughs for the other games. If you aren't going to do same for this game-save the space & don't mention the game. Thanks, Jam


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