Mechwarrior 2: Ghost Bear's Legacy Hints


Review By: Al Giovetti
Price:$12.95 U.S./ $17.95 Can./ £ 9.99 U.K.
Author:Joe Grant Bell
Pages: 128 Pages / Paperback
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Publisher: Prima Publishing
Phone: 1-800-632-8676
Requirements: ISBN 0-76150578-4

Mechwarrior 2: Ghost Bear's Legacy Hints

  1. Mechwarrior 2: Ghost Bear's Legacy is a Simulation/Space Combat product on PC CD-ROM The new book MechWarrior 2 Expansion Pack Secrets & Solutions by Joe Grant Bell should provide you with all you need to know on the software.

    More Power. More Terrain. More Destruction.

    Did you make Kahn of your Clan in MechWarrior 2, The Battletech adaptation from Activision? Well, the fight has only just begun!

    Now Ghost Bear's Legacy joins the Jade Falcon and Wolf Clan missions of the original computer game. The new fields of battle are practically limitless, and MechWarrior 2 Expansion Pact Secrets and Solutions holds the power to make you a force of total destruction—no matter what the setting! Inside you'll find:

    Combat tactics tailored to each mission's terrain
    Data and commentary on all 14 new Mech models
    Arsenals of insight on weapons, including advanced gunnery tips
    Illustrated walkthroughs of all 17 missions
    Maps to every new field of battle

    About the Author Joe Grant Bell is the author of numerous electronic entertainment books, including MechWarrior 2: The Official Strategy Guide (covering all the MechWarrior 2 missions!) and Hexen: The Official Strategy Guide (both from Prima). His articles appear in Computer Games Strategy Plus magazine.

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