Mechawarrior 2 Battle Guide
Review by Al Giovetti, 10/01/96
Price: $19.99
Release: September 1996
ISBN: 1-56686-191-8
Author: Blaine Pardoe
Pages: 208 pp.
Systems: Covers IBM & Compatibles
Publisher: Brady Publishing
Phone: 317-581-3500
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Mechwarrior 2 is one of the hardest driving and greatest action games of this decade. Pieced together by several teams at Activision until one of the teams hit upon the way to make the game work, the Phoenix out of the ashes company had a mega hit on their hands. Music, graphics and game play came together with that intangible something that gave you that feeling of really being in the cockpit.

But now you want to get some training that goes beyond the normal tutiorial. Mechwarriors need to have the inside information, the advanced graduate course on battle. And why not, who can get enough of this great title.

All 15 battlemechs are covered with their specifications and weapons configurations. Descriptions of exactly how to approach each mission concerning conserving weapons. Other features include the full controls and the proper way to use them. Advanced mechwarrior tactics are also elaborated on with the best time to bring out the big guns.

Maps and mission analysis will give you the bigger picture, and also pinpoint every aggressor before they attack you and your charges. The book also covers the cheat codes. No book would be complete without a summary of the history of the Battletech phenomenon and a rundown on all the Battletech Multi-player options.

Company line: This entertaining strategy guide provides tips, tricks, and insight into the storyline of the Mechwarrior 2 simulation/role-playing game. The book's inside strategies give the reader a winning edge for battle survival!

Offers tips on assembling a successful team for the ultimate mission. Shows readers how they can better pilot their mech. Provides insight on selecting the right mech with the perfect combination of protection, firepower, and speed.