By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

MAX Hints

  1. "Scouts can be surprisingly nasty early in the game. They can dart in, pick away at a constructor or engineer, and run away again before a tank can reach them."
  2. "Connect your gun turrets and other fixed defenses to your complex. If they're connected, they'll reload with ammunition automatically, and repair when they're damaged."
  3. "One of the cheapest early defenses are mines. A good minefield can save your colony from an early strike Just remember to lay them at a distance greater than the range of any anticipated attacking units. You can pick up mines and move them farther out later if your complex grows around them."
  4. "Rocket launchers are by far the best way to clear enemy minefields."
  5. "Aircraft have a hard time with anti-aircraft. If you must attack with just planes, consider moving in empty air transports first, to draw fire."
  6. "Unless you're playing a short game, one of the first things you'll need is a second mining station to feed materials to your hungry engineers and constructors."
  7. "Every complex has a weak spot. Use infiltrators and submarines to find where your enemy hasn't built gun turrets and anti-aircraft, and strike there first."
  8. "Mobile anti-aircraft is powerful once it's in place, but it's hard to attack with it. Use fighters to attack your enemy's force."
  9. "If your can bombard your enemy's complex from the water, build a fleet. Ships are tougher and faster than land units."
  10. "Infiltrators can be devastating if they catch you unprepared. Be sure to have infantry units on sentry duty in and around your valuable assets and enemy infiltrators will find it much harder to cause you grief."
  11. "Use air transport to land missile crawlers in strategic spots for hit-and-run attacks. After they fire their shots, load the missile crawlers back into the transports and retreat to safety."


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