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The Legacy Hints

The Spells from The Legacy

    TThe Legacy #1 Belgor's Mental Violation This hex unleashes dark forces that assail the mind of whosoever the caster desires. Its powers are great and all will learn to fear the wrath of Belgor.
  1. #2 Flames of Desolation The flames fryeth the hairs from the nostrils and leave the air heavy with the stench of brimstone, but causeth calamitous injury to those over which it passeth.
  2. #3 Obsidian Shards of Annihilation Dark Is The Power. Dark Is The Night. Dark Are The Daemons Which Provide Its Might.
  3. #4 Malevolent Compression This ancient arabic spell was used to place efreeti into bottles. It will also considerably reduce other foes.
  4. #5 Maelstrom of the Mind This hex doth befuddle the eyes and confuseth the senses. It causeth lurid visions of madness and lunacy which some find pleasurable to behold.
  5. #6 Wind of Destruction The wind rips with explosive force. Lesser mortals quake in terror at the mention of its name. Leaves a vile stench in the nostrils.
  6. #7 Arcane Tower of Reason The ivory tower sustaineth the mind from the sight of fiends and devills.
  7. #8 Crimson Mists of Myamoto The power of the Crimson Mists serves to protect its caster. While the mists swirl and fluctuate physical harm is reduced.
  8. #9 Aura of Mystic Defence Though dark magiks be hurled against you, the aura guards the mortal frame from myriad hurts and abuses.
  9. #10 Shroud of the Dark Walker Wrapped within the Shroud of the Dark Walker the body is displaced by the shadows to appear where it is not.
  10. #11 Xython's Guiding Eye Evolved by ancient Xython, this cantrip was used to improve accuracy with thrown weapons, but has also proved equally effective with firearms.
  11. #12 Mantle of Endurance When made tangible through devious conjuration the Mantle provides vigor, fortifies the body, and improves the health.
  12. #13 Limbs of Mercury When infused by the Swift Limbs of Mercury the appendages and senses are quickened, and the blood is filled with great energy.
  13. #14 Agatta's Iron Fist Great might is bestowed upon the recipient of this enchantment. The dark glow of the hand powers a weapon grasped within it.
  14. #15 Belgor's Omniscient Eye Belgor, all hail his terrible name, has bestowed a fraction of his power to mortals so that we see where others cannot.
  15. #16 Sight of the Dark Walker The Sight of the Dark Walker is bestowed on all mortals who call upon his name and power. Imperfect beings may see through the light of the shadow.
  16. #17 Elixir of Health Doth restoreth fluids and tissues vital that maketh the body whole and filled with life.
  17. #18 Dimensional Rift When cast upon a glowing rune this sorcerous enchantment opens gates to dark dimensions where vile creatures slither and crawl.
  18. #19 Sword of the Shadow From the realm of the shadow to the sphere of the light, this conjuration brings forth a runic blade of great power.
  19. #20 Key of the Shadow Lord The Shadow Lord may walk where others are forbidden to tread. His power opens portals that are fastly sealed by lock or hex.


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