Title:Official Final Fantasy VII Strategy Guide
Review By: Al Giovetti
Genre:Clue Book
Author:David Cassady
Pages: 223
Index: NO
Maps: 350 full color
Puzzle Solutions:
Making the Game:
Publisher: Brady Games
Website: www.bradygames.com
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Final Fantasy VII Hints





  1. Cocobo Mating



  2. Emerald Weapon



  3. Gold Chocobo







  4. Master Materia
  5. Money






  6. Ruby Weapon


  7. Summon (Red) Materia


  8. Temple of the Ancients







    Emerald Weapon

    Initially when you acquire the submarine you will encounter the Emerald Weapon. Avoid the Emerald Weapon since you are not yet strong enough to defeat him. You will need Final Attack, Knights of the Round, Mime, W-Summon (X-Summon) and Mega All Materias to win.

    The Emerald Weapon can do 7000 damage with the basic attack, and eight consecutive attacks when the lasers open. Four of the eight attacks hit for 3000 to 4000 hit points, and the other four attacks drain 300 to 500 magic points per hit. The Emerald Weapohs super attack hits for 9999 hit points and hte weapon has over 500,000 hit points and a twenty minute maximum fight time.

    Having the underwater materia equipped eliminates the 20 minute time limit on the battle. You need one character with W-Summon or X-Summon so they can cast two Knights of Round and all characters with the mime materia so they can mime the other characters double summon continuously. Equipping the Final Attack linked to Revive Materia combination will save you when the creature uses the ultimate attack or kills someone outright. You should also stock up on turbo ether to return your magic when it is drained.

    When you beat the Emerald Weapon take the Earth Harp and trade it to the Kalm Traveler at Kalm for other items.

    Gold Chocobo I have already beaten ff7 a few times, and I still don't know how to get the GOD DAMNED GOLD CHOCOBO!!! if ne1 knows how, please reply! thank you, please come again! From: Zach Kramer Reply-To: squaresoft@coollist.com

    Deep in the Mountains of the Artic Continent within a small house lives the Chocobo Sage who can offer advice on how to raise the green, blue, black and gold chocobos. His pet chocobo has an "enemy skill" materia. You can also buy porov nuts, pram nuts, sylkis greens and reagan greens. Come with a lot of gil, they are not cheap. You can only reach the Chocobo Sage via an airship or the back of a mountain crossing chocobo, such as the green chocobo.

    The porov nut is the best kind of nut to feed chocobos, and the pram nuts are almost as good. Feeding a baby chocobo special nuts will produce a special type of chocobo. You need to breed two chocobos, a male and a female, to get a baby chocobo. Choco Billy can tell you whether the chocobos you have captures are weak, poor, average, good, better than good, great or wonderful when you move your chocobos from the pen to the stables of Choco Billy's Chocobo Ranch where you can rent up to six Chocobo stalls for 10,000 gil each.

    Always breed great or wonderful chocobos only if you hope to get a special chocobo. The great chocobos are NOT found in the plains around the Chocobo Ranch. You must travel to far away places with harsh climate to find the really choice chocobos.

    Chocobo Mating From: ERIC C. ANDERSON I recently bought ff7 and i have gotten to the point to where i need to breed the chocobo to get the ocean/mountain or whatever chocobo. i am having problems trying to figure out how to do it. Which greens, and which chocobo do i use? If you could please help me email me at thanks, Eric

    Mountain (green) or River (blue) Chocobos come from mating Great or Good Chocobo with Carob nuts. You steal the carob nut from the Vlakorados that are in the woods near the Bone Villiage. Using S Class racers to mate increases the odds in your favor.

    The mountain and river or black chocobo is created when the mountain (green) and river (blue) chocobos mate using a carob nut. Training the mother and father chocobos increase the chance of getting a black.

    The gold chocobo or the ultimate chocobo can go anywhere, even the island north of the chocobo ranch. To get the gold chocobo you must mate a black chocobo with a wonderful chocobo while feeding them zeio nuts. You must steal the zeio nut from Goblins in the woods on the island northeast of the chocobo ranch.

    Subject: Master Materia

    There are three Master Materias: Master Magic, Mstr Cmd, and Master Summon. Master Magic allows you to cast all Spell Materia spells. Mstr Cmd allows you to perform most Command Materia commands (steal, throw, mimic, manipulate, morph, deathblow, and sense to be specific). And Master Summon allows you to summon every Summon Materia entity. It works like any materia except that it does not grow.

    To get each Master Materia, you must get at least one of every materia in that paticular group, bring each one up to the master's level, and then touch them to the Huge Materia that matches them. (Green=Spell=21materias;Yellow=Command=13 materias;Red=Summon=16 materias) That's it. The Huge Blue Materia may match Independent Materia in color, but it is used to give you Bahamut ZERO if you touch Bahamut and Neo Bahamut to it at any level.

    With the U.S. version, you can get an extra set of Master Materia. Defeat Emerald Weapon and you will receive the Earth Harp. Give the Earth Harp to the traveler in Kalm and he will give you one of each Master Materia. To help you fight Emerald Weapon, bring the Guide Book to the traveler and he will give you Underwater Materia to eliminate the timer during the battle. To get the Guide Book, morph the Ghost Ship. It can usually be found in the underwater tube by the Underwater Mako Reactor. Enjoy! From: David Alan Romig, Jr.


    How to get easy money on FF7
    1.Walk around the desart near golden sauser for a while
    2.Sooner or later a little cactus man will appear
    3.You cant defeat him with magic or weapons
    4.To defeat him you summon Chocobos OR Mogs
    5.He is worth 10,000 gil
    From: Drew Turner

    Ruby Weapon

    The battle with the Ruby Weapon comes after the Ultimate Weapon is destroyed. The weapon is in the sand near the gold saucer. Only attack the weapon when its claws are burried in the sand. If its claws are not buried in the sand, the quicksand counter-attack will eliminate one of your party memebers or the more frequent quicksand double counter-attack will eliminate two party members.

    When the Ruby Weapon buries its claws attack the torso only with the Quad Magic and Bahaumat ZERO materia. Do not use Knights of the Round since the Ruby Weapon Counters with Ultima. It is wise to equip ALL characters with linked Final Attack - Revive materia.

    When you win you can take the Desert Rose prise to trade for a cool prize from the Kalm Traveler at Kalm.
    Summon (Red) Materia
    Name Description MP AP Location
    Chocobo/Mog Deathblow 14 3500 From Chocobos at Chocobo Farm
    Shiva Diamond Dust 32 50000 From Priscilla in Junon
    Ifrit Hellfire 34 60000 After Defeating Jenova-Birth in Shinra Boat
    Rahmuh Judgement Bolt 40 70000 Inside Chocobo racing room in gold saucer
    Titan Anger of the Land 46 80000 In destroyed Gongaga reactor
    Odin Gunge Lance 80 90000 Safe in Nibelheim Shinra Mansion
    Kjata Elemental Attack 110 140000 2nd area after Bone Villiage in Sleeping Forest
    Bahamut Mega Flare 100 120000 After defeating Red Dragon in Cetra Shrine
    Alexander Holy Attack 120 150000 After defeating Snow woman in Great Glacier
    Neo Bahamut Giga Flare 140 200000 Whirlwind Maze
    Leviathan Water Attack 78 100000 After defeating Godo in Wutai Pagoda
    Phoenix Fire Attack & Life 2 on party 180 180000 Fort Condor next to nest after baby hatches
    Hades 4000 damage + status effects 150 250000 From downed shinra plane
    Bahamut ZERO Terra Flare 180 250000 From Big Blue Materia
    Typoon Sneeze Attack 160 250000 After defeat of Ultimate Weapon in Ancient Forest
    Knights of the Round 13 Knights attack all enemies 250 500000 NE Island Cave (Gold Chocobo)
    Master Summon Abilitiy to Summon All 0 0 Combine all maxed materia

    Temple of the Ancients

    The Temple of the Ancients leads you to two boss fights (Red Dragon and Demon's Gate) and several materia (bahamut, black, luck plus, and morph--you cannot get the black yet.). When you get to the temple you will find Tseng who has the keystone. Place the keystone on the altar and get access to the maze.

    Within the maze your gold is to explore and find all the items in the maze. Eventually, you will come across an ancient in the south part of the maze who will run from you. This area will take you to the walkway with the boulders that roll at you and crush you unless you can move Cloud into the notch in the boulder when it rolls toward you. Saving the game before here is very smart.


  1. Roger Spurrel's Final Fantasy board


  1. From: Jorge Eduardo Valencia G., squaresoft@coollist.com
    Hiya everyone, I gotta some questions for ya: 1. Where the hell is the W-Summon materia in FF7? 2. How, HOW, HoW!!!!! How can I defeat the Ruby and Emerald weapons? 3. How is the "unlimited items" in FF7? 4. How can I finish the Ancient Forest? Write Me Back ASAP!!!! Jorge Eduardo Valencia G. Homepage: http://members.tripod.com/~jevalencia/valencia.htm E-Mail: jorge@avan.net
  2. From: Bryan: I am stuck in the Temple of the Ancients. Once I am in there, I can't go anywhere. My question is how do I get into the door by the first ancient? When Cloud tries to enter he is forced back and a chime plays. Cloud than makes a comment about how the door is sealed and the sound is familiar or something. I am trapped and this is the second time I have played up to this point. The review book doesn't say anything about it and everyone I ask seems to be clueless about what I'm talking about. If you have any answers or suggestions they would be appreciated.

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